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Reviewing the Features of the TAG Heuer Connected

It has been 6 years since famous Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer launched its Connected watch. The brand is now on its third generation of smartwatch, having continually built on an already high-performance piece of wristwear. Although subtle, the upgrades and modifications carried out during the transition between the first and second generation appear to have been the most dramatic and noticeable. Therefore, for the purposes of this article, we’re going to look at those.


If you wanted to check out the newest members of the brand’s Connected series, we covered the newest 2021 TAG Heuer Carrera Connected Smartwatch in more detail here. In this article, however, we’re going to cover some of the most noteworthy features of the Connected watch. We’re talking about those details that have made it so widely appealing and easy to use. Let’s get started... 


A touchscreen that requires less contact



TAG Heuer has developed the Connected watch with a section that enables the wearer to take the battery out and replace it when needed. It’s also equipped with a companion smartphone app that enables you as the wearer to manipulate a lot of the features of the watch. You can grab access to new updates regarding software and in-house watch faces designed by TAG this way. Because a significant proportion of software and hardware is developed at the company HQ in Europe, the many features and the design of the Connected watch gives you the impression that the entirety of the watch has been made in one place, even though that’s not the case. There’s something incredibly authentic about the Connected watch compared to other smartwatches on the current market. In fact, it’s most likely one of the reasons why fans of the brand or the smartwatch don’t mind paying that little extra for the TAG Heuer Connected watch.


Because the TAG Heuer Connected is a design that is centred around sport and fitness, the manufacturer didn’t want the wearer to have to spend too much time activating the touchscreen. Cleverly, the two pushers and the crown can be used to operate its many important features. These are functions like the chronograph or the sports tools, for example. The rotating crown in between the two pushers acts as a power button and enables you to scroll through the operating system without, say, for example, making contact with the touchscreen through sweaty hands whilst exercising.


“It looks and feels like a traditional watch”



The second generation of the Connected watch also looks a lot less like a smartwatch and a lot more like a classic timepiece. It adopted that perfectly circular case and ditched the earlier antenna protrusions seen on the Connected Modular 41. Taking inspiration from the Carrera, it looks and feels like a traditional watch, with buttons that resemble pushers – a feature that also makes navigating the software much easier. Pleasingly hefty is the case, which is developed from stainless steel or titanium depending on your preference. At 45mm wide (but significantly slimmer), the watch is noticeable but feels more compact on the wrist thanks to its refined design. The black titanium model will appeal to those who prefer the stealth-like look of its accompanying rubber strap option. That said, if you opt for the steel option, the rubber strap is also available, as is a ceramic bezel.


The touchscreen


The OLED touchscreen of the TAG Heuer Connected watch is protected by sapphire crystal glass that measures 1.39 inches. It gives you a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. The screen alternates between active and ambient mode to save battery power. It always shows the time as well, enabling you to quickly glance at the watch for quick timekeeping. The antenna is now underneath the bezel of the watch, giving the case a more streamlined look on the wrist.


A focus on health and fitness


It’s no surprise that the TAG Heuer Connected watch is geared towards active wearers given that the brand has predominantly specialized in chronographs and sports watches for most of its heritage. For this reason, activity tracking on this watch is a cinch. Starting, pausing and ending workout sessions is made easy with the two pushers, removing soul reliance on the touchscreen as already mentioned. Therefore, a mid-workout progress check can be carried out quite easily, to say the least. The 50-meter water-resistant case of the TAG Heuer Connected watch is suitable for low velocity and shallow water activities.



The 430 mAh battery can last for up to 6 hours of constant sports tracking. That includes GPS, heart rate monitoring and music streaming. The heart rate monitor is now integrated into the back of the case and made from high-tech resin, enabling it to track calories burned. There’s also the GPS function, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a built-in compass to make good use out of. Key metrics such as speed, pace, distance and heart rate are all tracked and presented as an overview in the TAG Heuer Sports tiles as part of the in-house designed TAG Heuer Sports application. It makes tracking all these credentials a little bit more luxurious.


Running, hiking, cycling, walking, golf and fitness are all activities that can be tracked in this second generation of TAG Heuer Connected watch. The newest Connect watches feature even more. You can check them out here. The data gathered from these tracked metrics can then be synced with Apple Health, Strava or Google Fit through the TAG Heuer mobile app. The rubber strap available on the titanium and steel models is a breathable option for wearing during high-intensity activities.


Google Wear OS Software


The TAG Heuer Carrera Connected watch is powered by Google's Wear OS. Now that Google has modified and customized the look of its Wear OS technology, it has now been brought up to line with TAG’s premium hardware for a more coherent feel. The TAG Heuer fonts are not only easily readable but highly attractive and fun to use. The timing apps also take inspiration from TAG Heuer’s professional timing equipment. The 2020 models also brought a new set of faces with them. The digital version of the Heuer 02 proves a popular version amongst wearers but there are five mechanical and digital inspired dials to choose from within this second generation of Connected watch. Google Assistant, Google Play Store, emails, message notifications, weather, Google Pay, calendar, maps and music controls can all be enjoyed as part of this software too.



Why the TAG Heuer Connected watch features are so desirable


The TAG Heuer Connected is, without a doubt, a gateway into mechanical watches for anyone who has not yet dabbled. Most Connected watch buyers may not necessarily be TAG watch owners, and so the Connected range has certainly drawn a new type of audience into the watch industry. The TAG Heuer Connected watch gives any wearer that tangible feeling of a mechanical watch. A real watch with all the added benefits of the smartwatch platform. Whether a traditional watch connoisseur or not, the enjoyment of a smartwatch, to some degree, has to come down to the “wear experience” once on the wrist. And for a watch that offers both worlds, the TAG Heuer Connected is a technically smart yet classically-developed wristwatch that ticks every box imaginable.

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