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Oris Aquis Hammerhead Limited Edition Watch Review


Endangered species are becoming far too common with many spectacular animals at a risk of extinction. Sharks are amongst the predators who are under severe threat with a prediction of just 40 years until their extinction date. Leading ocean conservation experts have come to the worrying conclusion after tracking the world’s shark population over the last 50 years. Oris have joined the fight to ensure that sharks will cruise the ocean for hopefully much longer with the launch of the Aquis Hammerhead Limited Edition.


The stunning design aims to support the shark conservation project by raising funds. The non-profit organisation is managed by Pelagios Kakunja with the support of professional diver Jerome Delafosse; a proud Oris ambassador. Their plan is to gauge the movements and migration pathways of sharks with a particluar study of the migration routes of the Scalloped Hammerhead species in the Eastern Pacific. 




Over the last 30 years the global population of Scalloped Hammerheads has declined by 90%; figures accumulated by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The funds raised by Oris will enable scientists to tag sharks with MiniPAT satellite transmitters, which will track their movements for six-nine months. A greater, clearer understanding of the predator will provide information to the government of how to protect the endangered species. 




The Hammerhead Limited Edition belongs to the new Aquis collection, which was released earlier this year. The 2011 Aquis is very much alive in the new version with a continued high performance, uni-directional rotating bezel with a black ceramic inlay and a water resistance of 50 metres. However, the visual impact brings a stylish, sleek appeal well suited to the 2017 audience.


The stunning grey dial with silver indices and hands framed by the bold black bezel adds a powerful elegance to the instrument; a description that could be directly related to the marine predator. The fine blue seconds hand and minutes scale reflects the colour of the ocean as a strong reminder of the cause. The Limited Edition model of 2000 pieces has an embossed caseback featuring the hammerhead shark alongside the exclusivity number. 

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