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Meet the new U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo Watches

Two successful models come together for the new U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo watch. Combining the oil immersion technology of the Capsoil watch and a second time zone feature, the two new models are available in a steel or black DLC-coated version measuring a confident and daring 45mm on the wrist.


Anyone aware of the work of Italo Fontana will know that whatever new release comes from U-Boat is bound to be unusual, eye-catching – a pioneering concept. And it’s watches like the U-Boat Capsoil that keep on surprising us. This time the brand combines its oil-filled technology with the second time zone concept. Before that – a little on the Capsoil watch itself.


The U-Boat Capsoil


The U-Boat Capsoil watch cleverly creates the illusion of a watch without a glass front. How it does this is quite unique. Available in a stainless steel or black DLC treated case – both options have always featured a unique dial filled with an oily liquid. The watch looks like a 3D bubble on the wrist – the oily liquid behind the glass actually transforming the dial into a rich, absolute black display. U-Boat’s oily liquid does not only fill the dial. This oil bath completely immerses the electromechanics of the movement. Italo Fontana expresses how he felt about his innovation at the start of the Capsoil’s release:


“Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design, combining innovative features with retro-style lines, which prove it as a one of a kind in the world watch market.”



The three dimensional and deep, captivating aesthetic of the U-Boat Capsoil watch is enhanced further by the sense of this floating bubble. The whole watch is completely filled to the brim with this innovative liquid – all, that is, apart from a single bubble that manoeuvres across the surface of the dial when movement is created. The air bubble allows the oil to move freely around under the surface of the watch’s sapphire crystal glass front but also enables the compensation of different fluctuating temperatures. As it does so, it travels over integral features of the dial such as the hands and indexes, enlarging them as if under a magnifying lens and distorting them in a wholly different way – it’s the cyclops date on a whole new level! These features are amplified through an ever-moving and ever-changing dial, offering a completely unique concept to wear and enjoy on the wrist. Now U-Boat extends the Capsoil with the Doppiotempo Capsoil watch. It combines the innovative oil-filled dial with a second time one function.


The new U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo watches


There are two versions of the new dual time zone-come-oil bubble watch from U-Boat. An AISI 316L steel with a brushed effect across its surface and a sleeker and somewhat more youthful-looking black DLC-treated steel case. Both are equipped with 100-meter water resistance and both offer a domed sapphire crystal glass front, which creates a canopy over the top of the dial, accommodating the extra space needed for that air bubble. When the watch is filled with oil and the liquid touches the surface of the glass, its absolute black effect creates the impression of a topless watch. For even greater legibility, as explained, the air bubble manoeuvres over the top of the beige hands and indexes, which have also been treated with a generous layer of Super-LumiNova.



The case of the Capsoil Doppiotempo watch also features two crowns – one to set the time and another to adjust the dual time function. The latter rotates the internal bezel to allow for a second time zone function. The red-coated dual time hand seen on the absolute black dial is a beautiful injection of vibrance and energy in both of these two new models. It sits atop of two superimposed dial layers pointing to the 12-hour scale around the bezel. The watch also retains the recognizable retro lines of the Capsoil family. The display goes without a date feature and the hour track is a mix of Arabic numerals and stick markers.


The Swiss electro-mechanical movement that lies at the centre of each of these two models is lubricated in an oil bath as mentioned. It is also personalized to U-Boat specifications and works between 0°/+60° when not worn. Its performance is hidden away behind a steel or DLC-coated steel caseback with U-Boat engravings upon its surface. It also comes fitted with an innovative locking system (Locking ring system) for quick battery replacements. The new U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo watch is perfect for travel or for pairing with something smarter at the weekend. It comes fitted on a black ultra-resistant vulcanized rubber strap with the U-Boat logo emblazoned onto the surface of the band in relief, plus a steel tongue buckle for a secure fit.



If you would like further information on the new U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo watches in steel and black DLC, you can check out the product pages here or call our Jura Watches sales team on 01335 453453


Technical Specifications of the new U-Boat Capsoil Doppiotempo watch

  • Case: 45mm - AISI 316L stainless steel / DLC-coated stainless steel – 100-meter water-resistant – domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass front – oil-filled to enhance the dial and compensate for temperature changes – closed caseback with Locking Ring System – two crowns for setting time and adjusting the second time zone
  • Dial: Black – two superimposed layers – oil-filled to enhance an absolute black colour – Super-LumiNova-coated Beige coloured hour markers and hands – rotating inner bezel with second time zone – dual time zone hand in red with an arrow tip
  • Movement: Swiss electro-mechanical movement – personalized U-Boat specifications – lubricated within an oil bath - works between 0°/+60° when not worn – hours, minutes, seconds, second time zone functions
  • Strap: Black - ultra-resistant vulcanized rubber – U-Boat logo on relief – steel tongue buckle
  • Reference; Stainless steel - 8769 / Black DLC steel 8770
  • Price: Starts from £1,800
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