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Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Square Wheel Watch Review


It's been 25 years since Maurice Lacroix launched the Masterpiece series; an avant garde collection that strives to push the boundaries of watchmaking through innovation and a unique outlook on design. Since 1992, Maurice Lacroix has continuously developed complex mechanisms that debut new complications. Over 25 years, Maurice Lacroix has worked tirelessly to produce extraordinary instruments that showcase functions in a completely different way. The Masterpiece line up has always been the spearhead of the brand showcasing their commitment to discovery and new interpretations.


In particular, the square wheel mechanism has taken years to perfect. Due to the non-circular wheels, the way of ensuring constant power transfer was a challenge. To guarantee a fully functional watch the shape of the teeth was crucial. The first square wheel was designed by watchmaker and engineer Michel Vermot in partnership with the Haute Ecole Arc du Locle in 2010.


Defying convention, the Masterpiece Square Wheel is like no other; a unique, revolutionary design. The stunning square wheel turns on the dial connecting with the striking clover leaf with their cog like teeth to depict the seconds. This unique feature stands out due to its originality and the overlapping circular opening with a sandblasted background. The wheels are circular brushed to demand attention and allow wearers to admire their mesmerising motion.




To finish the design, the watch itself compliments the revolutionary function by taking a more classic approach. The stainless steel 43mm case houses a conventional dial with a sophisticated, minimalistic feel. The black printed hour markers and power reserve provide a highly readable, white lacquered dial. The juxtaposition of a breathtaking, pioneering function with a more traditional design cleverly allows for the watch to be worn with ease. Watch fanatics who admire both innovation and tradition will be impressed with the Masterpiece design .

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