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Introducing the Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch

Those who consider themselves latecomers to the world of Montblanc watches may be surprised to learn that the company’s love of authentic German manufacture runs much deeper than watches. Hamburg-based Montblanc began specialising in luxury fountain pens to start with, which makes its journey from writing instruments to high-tech Smartwatches all the more fascinating. How the company has gone from the intricate design of a handmade luxury desk accessory to innovating something like the Summit Lite Smartwatch is testament to its perseverance and remarkable determination over the last 114 years.


For many a manufacturer, a watch that is bigger and better both in its design and functionality is not always considered good for the heritage of the brand or its trusted fan base. But where Montblanc watch manufacture is concerned, the Summit Lite, like its predecessors, is only set to bring more good to the revered company and its loyal circle of collectors. Montblanc’s approach to modern-day manufacture encompasses the history of the brand wholly. A story from its beginnings to today – a 21st-century manufacturer that looks at the development of a watch design holistically. The Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch bridges the gap between a modern-day health and fitness tool and a trusted design concept.



What makes the Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch different?


Do you strive for better health? Are you always looking to hit your next personal best? If there is a life hack that enables you to group all of your daily essentials together in one convenient place – are you the first to opt-in? If the answer to these questions is yes, the Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch is the companion for you. Montblanc has gone from strength to strength with popular collections like the 1858 – a vintage-inspired timepiece echoing 20th century Minerva watches, the elegant lady’s Boheme, the sporty 4810 watch, which takes its name from Mont Blanc’s soaring height, as well as the Tradition and Heritage watch ranges.


But the Summit Smartwatch is in a whole realm of its own. Montblanc’s engineering prowess combines the latest technology, including the snappiest and newest Wear OS by Google. Furthermore, Montblanc’s careful approach to eco-friendly watch manufacturer is as considerate as ever. Its case is crafted from recycled aluminium and its presentation box is crafted from sustainable packaging – in other words, 100% paper. The Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch also comes with a line of proprietary apps that include Cardio Coach, Body Energy, Sleep and Stress, but we’ll go into these in a little more detail shortly. First, a quick delve into what Wear OS by Google is and what this means for you as the wearer…


Wear OS by Google



Wear OS by Google has come on leaps and bounds since it was first registered under Android Wear back in 2014. First and foremost, it promises the wearer a cleaner experience for iOS and Android users. Secondly, it allows you to enjoy everything you love about your Android device in a smartwatch. Improved fitness tracking, functionality for iPhone users and innovative features like Google Pay and Google Assistant can all be enjoyed on this platform.


With Wear OS by Google, you can stay connected by reading emails, seeing texts and phone calls via the Montblanc Summit Smartwatch. You can download a plethora of additional apps to enjoy on the watch with this platform, store and play music and access Google Maps whilst out and about. In addition to this, there are also tips and tricks to using the platform on your Montblanc Smartwatch more conveniently. You can change a watch face, block an app from delivering messages, access Google Fit and Google Assistant with a simple swipe, easily pair it with Bluetooth headphones and access notifications effortlessly.


The Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch



The focus of this smartwatch’s design is all centred around performance, well-being and fitness. Its release comes amid an emerging generation of luxury smartwatches on the market right now. To stand out from the crowd, Montblanc designers, engineers and innovators simply stick to a clean, fresh and streamlined design. As its name suggests, the smartwatch is light on the wrist – a key advantage for fitness fanatics and sporty individuals. The Summit Lite’s ergonomic design also enables the wearer to make that all-important transition from the office to the gym since its case shape, screen and strap are all cleverly designed to blend a workout regime with a work routine.


A 43mm case width is unimposing enough for the slender wrist but large enough to get noticed. You can choose between a matt black or silver-grey coloured model and both versions are a combined formula of recycled aluminium and stainless steel for a robust and resilient finish on the wrist. Pair it with a black fabric strap or a sporty rubber one depending on which one of the four iterations piques your interest. The 1.19“ AMOLED display of the Montblanc Summit Lite watch is capped with a Gorilla cover glass, and the watch is integrated with new and improved GPS and heartrate monitor features.  Lastly, let’s take a look at the additional features promised with this new addition to the Montblanc Smartwatch series


Montblanc’s proprietary apps



Body energy: The new Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch tracks your physical and mental exhaustion, updating you as to when you need to take a rest or optimize your daily energy use by making small adjustments here and there to your lifestyle. Taking data from your sleep, stress levels and activities, this app is one of Montblanc’s most innovative and useful features.


Cardio Coach: For times when you need live coaching and advice the most, Montblanc’s Cardio Coach app keeps track of your VO2 Max levels and personalises your workout recommendations based on your current fitness levels, enabling you to reach realistic and lasting goals.


Sleep: Health-focused individuals are realising that it’s not about the amount of sleep you’re getting each night, it’s about the quality. Montblanc’s proprietary Sleep app records and analyses all that data for you, detailing the length, the phases and the quality of your shuteye, giving you insight into how to improve your sleep patterns over time.


Stress: Stress zones throughout the day can be pinpointed by the Stress app in the Montblanc Summit Lite watch.  You can start to figure out what time of the day and what factors are causing you the most stress to better handle and manage it safely and realistically. These proactive recommendations, in combination with other trackable factors in your lifestyle, can all help improve your health and fitness in collaboration with the innovative functions of the Montblanc Summit Lite.


To learn more about the Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch and its four different variations, you can visit the link here.

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