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Introducing RJ Watches


RJ Watches – the latest brand to join Jura – seeks inspiration from just about anywhere, always absorbing the world around us. From space exploration to the depths of the ocean to graphic novel superheroes and iconic cartoon characters nothing is out of reach for the Geneva-based watchmakers. Open to anything that ignites their creative spirit and passion, RJ Watches brings originality and unique design as a result. Finding that spark allows for the brand to be labelled as innovators who do not conform.


Founded in 2004, RJ Watches has positioned themselves at the cutting-edge of Swiss Made creative culture for the last fourteen years. Each design excites with its sense of sophistication, rareness and beauty derived from the varied influences – who knows what’s coming next. This unique design process thrives with curious individuals intrigued by their pop culture references, need to explore, technological advances and fashion influences.


RJ watches always go above and beyond to make their designs authentic, spectacular and unique. Each timepiece is easily recognised as a RJ masterpiece with their dedication to finding rare elements that make every design extra special. For example, the Moon Dust series actually have moon dust embedded into their dials and the Titanic designs are made from the steel that was used to construct the iconic ocean liner. This just goes to show how committed RJ Watches are to making their brand truly unique with incredible stories that simply amaze taking you to unreachable places.




Always seeking the chance to excite, provoke and curate RJ watches tells a story like no other. Paired with exceptional craftsmanship, their collections are always the perfect blend of creativity, style, sophistication and quality. Each takes you on a journey bringing the unimaginable to your wrist every time through impressive design, unthinkable materials, unique concepts and a vivid creative spirit.

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