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How to Store Your Watch Collection


Whether you’re a serious collector with a long list of watches to your name or an admirer of beautiful timepieces with just a few to keep your fascination ticking, it is important to think about storing your watches safely to avoid moisture damage or scratches to your beloved timepieces. It is unadvisable to leave your watch lying around due to possible theft or accidental damage. However, there are many storage solutions that are easy to use at home or on the move, look stylish and above all protect your favourite watches. Take a look at how to store watches when not in use...


You can also contact our watch specialists if you are still unsure on how to keep watches in good condition on 01335 453 453 or They would be more than happy to advise you on the best storage solutions that we offer.


How to Store Watches at Home


  • Always place your watches face up in the case or tray that you choose to avoid scratches.
  • Ensure that you leave gaps between each timepiece so they are not touching. A 1.3 cm gap is perfect as there will be little chance of bumping into each other. Dividers help to organise massively.
  • It is a good idea to place silica gel packets in the case to protect from humidity as it can damage the gears and cloud the crystal.
  • If you plan to store your watches for a long period of time remove the battery to ensure that it doesn’t corrode or leak. If you are unsure on how to remove safely take your watch to a jewellers.
  • Think about the temperature of the room. Don’t store in the kitchen or bathroom as condensation can cause damage. A stable climate is best.
  • Do not store near a computer to avoid your watch becoming magnetised.
  • Avoid direct sunlight unless you are trying to achieve an aged look.


Types of Watch Storage


It’s usually your lifestyle that determines how you wish to store your watch collection. Will you be travelling regularly, changing your watch daily or saving it to hand down to a close relative or friend? Good news! There are many different options to choose from to suit your needs.


Watch Cases


Much like a jewellery box, the case will have compartments that are specifically designed to suit watches. Many will be carefully lined with a fabric that will protect your collection from getting scratched or dented. To view your exquisite designs some are fitted with a glass top. A watch case is the perfect place to store watches especially if you plan on mixing it up by wearing a different watch everyday.





Watch Roll


For the travelling types, a watch roll is more suited to your jet setter lifestyle. The flexible fabric such as leather allows for the travel case to roll protecting your watches whilst packed in your suitcase. Once placed in the pouch the fabric cushions your timepieces. Although, these are designed with the traveller in mind, the rolls are so chic you might just leave your collection in there permanently.




Watch Winder


Those who collect automatic watches may choose a watch winder that keeps your timepieces ticking whilst off duty. Many designs from Wolf and Benson are super stylish allowing for your watch winder to become an interior choice to display watches at home. The glass front allows for you to admire your collection from afar. Automatic watches perform best when kept running so storing in this way also prolongs their life.


Watch Safe


If you do not wear daily and wish to save for a family member a safe provides the security for expensive watches that could be a target for thieves. However, always make sure you wear once a year as many watches benefit from being wound and worn every so often.



Keep the Paperwork


Do not throw away the original packaging as if you decide to sell your watch you will increase the value of the sale by having all the paperwork and the original box. Put all the paperwork in a plastic bag and tidy away in a safe place that you will remember. If you have a few different watches put each set of paperwork into an individual bag to make it easier to find.

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