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Introducing QLOCKTWO


Read the time in words on your wrist, at the office or at home with the stylish and innovative QLOCKTWO wristwatches, desk and wall clocks. Their award-winning designs display the time in written words making the traditional method redundant. Hands and numbers are forgotten as words spell out the time in a contemporary, stylistic interpretation of design. QLOCKTWO speaks your language with over 20 available.


The brains behind the concept are two designers Marco Bieget and Andreas Funk. Created in their hometown of Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany in 2009, ten years later each design is still handcrafted in meticulous detail here. The body is manufactured from lacquered wood and each letter is lasered out of metal. The front covers, especially those that are part of the QLOCKTWO Creator’s Edition undergo an elaborate craft production process for a rare, unique finish.


Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with your watch specialists today on 01335 453 453 or .  








Up your wrist game with a companion that stands out from the crowd. The QLOCKTWO wristwatches bring a calm approach to telling the time with two sizes to choose from – 35x35mm or 39x39mm. With many different variations opt for a dial and strap that compliments your personal style. It’s really easy to use too, press the button on the right side once for the time, twice for the calendar day and three times to display the seconds. For the energy reserve press once followed by a second time for about five seconds. It couldn’t be simpler.








Make the time go much quicker at work with the unique QLOCKTWO Touch that sits on your desk. Be the envy of all your work colleagues with these compact, modern designs. Can’t leave it at the office, position on your bedside table to never be late again. Simple to operate, the QLOCKTWO design features an alarm function, an adjustable light sensor, snooze mode, a seconds display, smartphone connectivity and Night-Touch mode. Find a shade that stands out at work and compliments your bedroom furnishings.



The QLOCKTWO Classic/Large





Mount to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or dining room wall or position on the freestanding acrylic glass base for a contemporary interior update. Choose a shade, finish and material that compliments your home with the option of warm, distressed gold and rust colours or bold, bright acrylic glass, to name a few options.


Thinking of every detail, the front cover is held in position by magnets allowing for you to change your mind easily. The clock does more than just tell the hours and minutes you can adjust the lighting, activate the seconds’ mode and set the time via your smartphone. With space to hide any power cables, the QLOCKTWO wall clocks appear to float around your home. Opt for the 45x45cm version or for a greater impact, go large with the 90x90cm edition.

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