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Introducing Chronoswiss Watches

Jura Watches are incredibly excited to introduce you to Chronoswiss watches, a masterful Swiss watch brand that is taking over the luxury industry. Since its founding, Chronoswiss has been behind some of the world's greatest watch innovations including the “Regulateur” hand-wound wristwatch, the first standard wristwatch with regulator dial and the first automatic chronograph with decentralized hour and minute display.


With so many incredible innovations under their belt, Chronoswiss truly epitomise the meaning of traditional Swiss craftsmanship. They are not only constantly experimenting with new design ideas, but they only use Swiss made components in each Chronoswiss watch. Every breathtaking model represents the brand’s passion for technical precision and their love of mechanical movements and small delicate details. From the royal craft of guilloching to the fine detailing of enamelling, Chronoswiss aren’t afraid to take the complicated route to get only the best in luxury watch design.


Today we wanted to give you a rundown of all the key Chronoswiss watch collections that are available to order on our website. All of these Chronoswiss watches are available with interest free finance, so feel free to contact our team of watch specialists who are on hand to help with your dream luxury watch purchase!


Chronoswiss Regulator Watches


The Chronoswiss Regulator watch collection is a dream come true for fans of unique watchmaking. Gerd Rudiger Lang, founder of Chronoswiss watches, had a huge fascination with chronographs with a personal collection of close to a thousand! Lang was not only the co-author of the highly respected book Chronograph Wristwatches: To Stop Time but he loved to experiment with regulator-style displays.


Chronoswiss Regulator watches continue to epitomise Lang’s obsession with regulators with new releases like the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Night and Day and the Chronoswiss Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton continuing to reinvent the way we tell time. One of the latest Chronoswiss watch releases is the Flying Grand Regulator Limited Edition which is set apart by its intricate dial design featuring several layers. Each layer is decorated in its own unique way so it looks as though the hour and second displays are floating above the minute scale.


Chronoswiss Sirius Watches


The Chronoswiss Sirius watch collection perfectly captures the heritage of the Chronoswiss brand and will be adored by those who value traditional Swiss watchmaking at its best. Providing an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, Chronoswiss Sirius watches keep things ‘simple’ with 3 hand dials, small seconds and moon phase functions. Many of the watches in this collection reinterpret historic Chronoswiss watches with the characteristic onion style crown and semi-fluted bezels.


One of our favourite models from the Chronoswiss Sirius watch collection is the Moon Phase CH-7543L-BL. This stunning timepiece boasts a breathtaking solid blue guilloche dial detailed with sleek Breguet Losange hands and a colourful moon phase dial at 3 o clock. The moon phase is decorated beautifully with a blue sky to match the dial and a smiling yellow sun that rises in time with the sky.


Chronoswiss Timemaster Watches


Last but certainly not least, the Chronoswiss Timemaster watch collection brings a contemporary aesthetic to the table with bold models inspired by the sport of motor racing. The dials of each Chronoswiss Timemaster watch are instantly recognisable with their sporty and colourful finish and large Arabic numerals shown at 2, 4, 8 and 10, a design entirely unique to the brand.


We absolutely love the Chronoswiss Timemaster GMT CH-2535 watch. It continues to boast the familiar sporty aesthetic with a chequered carbon dial fitted with central hours, minutes and seconds, a digital date at 6 o clock and a yellow painted GMT hand. This Chronoswiss Timemaster watch would make the perfect companion for someone who travels the globe frequently, so no matter where you are in the world you always know what time it is at home.


No matter what Chronoswiss watch collection you are drawn to, you can be certain that real craftsmanship and centuries old traditions have gone into making them. Chronoswiss are one of only a few luxury watch manufacturers that have genuinely preserved the art of watchmaking and we couldn’t be more excited to offer them to our Jura Watches customers! For more information on Chronoswiss watches and where to find the full collections, click here.

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