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Grand Seiko Sport Spring Drive 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Review


Three releases set to be a roaring success this year are the Grand Seiko Spring Drive 20th Anniversary Limited Editions inspired by the king of the beasts - the proud emblem of Grand Seiko. The strong, powerful mammal has been the symbol of the Japanese brand since conception in 1960 channelling the lion’s courageous, ambitious spirit to create the very best watches. Designing durable, precise and beautiful timepieces through determination and strength, the Grand Seiko brand has built an incredible legacy to be proud of. Their signature icon certainly deserves further exploration and appreciation through a trio of exclusive timepieces. 


The wearable and comfortable case is inspired by the strength of the lion’s forelegs as it pounces to capture its prey, which is never released under its tight grasp. The design is angled inwards for a soft fit to the wrist reflecting the intense strength and dignity associated with lion’s. Also, the lugs of the case cleverly resemble a lion’s nail with its angular flat surface finished with Zaratsu polishing for no distortion. A well executed case that brings a brave, bold presence to the wrist just like the fierce predator does in the wild. 





The, unique, textured deep bronze dial reflects the beautiful, distinctive mane of the king of the jungle allowing for the second hand with glide motion to brush over the lions hair. It is a truly stunning interpretation that offers a distinctive, beautiful finish to the dial. 







The nod to the lion emblem carries through to the heart of the timepiece with their signature symbol made in 18ct gold incorporated into the oscillating weight of the Calibre 9R86. The specially adjusted calibre 9R96 movement offers an even higher level of precision through the quartz crystal oscillator, which sends accurate electrical signals. The presence of the lion emblem represents this enhanced accuracy that Grand Seiko are particularly proud of.








An impressive trio that all offer a different outlook on the lion icon that has driven their ambition and design process since the beginning. Each are exclusive designs with the titanium cases manufactured to 500 pieces each and the rose gold version limited to 100 pieces. The rare, stunning designs are a fantastic way to further explore their unique emblem that has had such an important part to play in their journey so far.

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