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Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Blue Ceramic Limited Edition Watch Review


Join Grand Seiko as they honour the past and look to the future simultaneously. With a nostalgic glance at their history, Grand Seiko dream of new opportunities to celebrate the 9S caliber’s 20th birthday. With new materials to work with the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Blue Ceramic Limited Edition brings a contemporary feel to the wrist appealing to a modern clientele who respects the past and is passionate for the future.


The lightweight yet strong design is due to the materials used to construct the exclusive piece. The inner case and outer bracelet links are made from very light; high intensity titanium and the outer case and centre links are crafted from the new Grand Seiko blue zirconia ceramic. A material that is recognised in the industry for its strength and scratch resistance. In fact, it is seven times harder than stainless steel.




To prevent distortion on impact, the oscillating weight is made from titanium and tungsten, which can be viewed via the sapphire case back. To compliment, the stunning colour of the limited edition, the titanium part of the weight is treated with an anodic oxidation process to create the rich, vivid blue shade. This treatment involves electrolysis, which generates an oxide film. With titanium the colour produced depends on the light refraction index. Various colours are made depending on the thickness of the oxide film. Due to the advanced materials that Grand Seiko uses to construct the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Ceramic Limited Edition, the design is cutting edge in its field. The same passion and skill that developed the 9s caliber all those years ago still exists today.


Proud of their dedication to precision, the gold SPECIAL wording on the dial and the 18-carat rose gold Grand Seiko lion incorporated into the oscillating weight represent the accuracy that they go above and beyond to achieve. The hi-beat movement has been altered to offer an even higher accuracy than the Grand Seiko standard.




To finish the stunning design, Grand Seiko have included a patterned dial to the limited edition for that extra special touch. Their initials GS curve beautifully on the dial demonstrating their intricate craftsmanship focusing on the smallest of details. Limited to 350 pieces, the Grand Seiko Hi-Beat 36000 Blue Ceramic GMT Limited Edition is the perfect companion as you travel the world with it’s GMT function.

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