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Garmin Marq Smartwatch Review


Over three decades ago, engineers Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao began their journey to become the global leader in GPS technology for aviation, marine, automative, fitness and outdoor. 30 years later, the release of the Marq collection brings their legacy so far to the wrist catering for five different lifestyles. Meet the Athlete, Expedition, Captain, Aviator and Driver, which guarantee authenticity, durability, precision, reliability and functionality on every adventure at sea, in the air or on land.


Each has survived extreme water pressure testing as well as thermal, shock and abrasion trials with their exceptional quality and robust material. The Marq collection combines revolutionary technology with premium materials and sophisticated execution, which inspires its wearer.


Not sure which design suits your needs, speak with one of our watch specialists who would be more than happy to help. Give us a call on 01335 453 453 or email on 


Garmin Marq Athlete GPS Smartwatch






Finish first and separate yourself from your rivals, with the stylish and comfortable Marq Athlete. Designed for sportsmen who strive for the best, the luxury, modern tool watch tracks and monitors performance and progress. It’s ultra light titanium 46mm case and high performance rubber strap makes for the perfect athletic companion during every challenging workout. It’s ready for each champion’s race for victory.


We Love:


  • The integrated maps and popular local running and cycling routes to train when far from home.
  • The brushed DLC bezel with V02 max and recovery time markers that displays current fitness and a countdown to the wearer’s next workout.
  • It’s dedication to crossing the finish line first with the race predictor, performance metrics and elite-level data, which help you run smarter at every race.


Price: £1399 or £34.97 per month.



Garmin Marq Expedition GPS Smartwatch 






The Marq Expedition knows no boundaries pushing you further than you ever thought possible allowing for you to stand on top of the world. With you at every step, the built-in ABC navigation sensors and etched 360-degree compass bezel keep you on track. Endure the extreme with the Italian vacchetta leather strap fastened to your wrist, which allows for you to explore in style overcoming any obstacle with confidence. The Marq Expecition is ready for where your next quest leads.


We Love:


  • As you climb the highest peaks the Pulse Ox sensor monitors your blood oxygen levels.
  • The altimeter scale depicts the summits achieved and the valleys crossed so far.
  • Get weather warnings with the barometer.
  • The expedition app that saves battery power providing navigation extending your travels by weeks.
  • The topographical maps that help discover new places to explore.


Price: £1599 or £39.97 per month.


Garmin Marq Captain GPS Smartwatch






Conditioned for adventures at sea, the Marq Captain is designed for those who live life at the helm. It’s all in the nautical details that no traditional timepiece can compete. Equipped for all expeditions on the deep blue, the revolutionary regatta timer enhanced with GPS technology paired with the man overboard button makes the perfect oceanic companion. With an aesthetic inspired by the sea, the navy ceramic bezel and the jacquard-weave strap designed by artisans in the south of France, there is no doubt that the Marq Captain belongs at sea.


We Love:


  • Plan your day on the water safely with the weather condition updates displayed on the dial along with wind speed, temperature and tide information.
  • Hit the starting line with precision with the regatta timer equipped with GPS technology.
  • Tack assist shows wind shifts at a glance to allow you to optimise your course for maximum speed.


Price: £1699 or £42.47 per month.


Garmin Marq Aviator GPS Smartwatch 






Soar to new heights with the Marq Aviator sharing your passion for flight. Pilots and aviation enthusiasts everywhere can enjoy the endless smart features equipped for extensive travel. Fitted with a mirror-polished 24-hour GMT bezel and 2 additional time zones, you can fly to any destination without losing track of time. Fasten the luminous, swept-wing titanium bracelet to your wrist at every takeoff and let the Marq Aviator do the rest.


We Love:


  • The worldwide aviation database that includes airport locations, navigational aids and radio frequencies.
  • The emergency access button hot key quickly shows a route to the nearest airport.
  • An automatic estimated time until destination.
  • The horizontal situation indicator to visually show your set course.
  • The detailed NEXRAD weather radar to know what lies in store.


Price: £1799 or £44.97 per month. 


Garmin Marq Driver GPS Smartwatch






Race at high speed with the Marq Driver - a smartwatch that belongs on the racetrack. Set new records, with features dedicated to speed such as the tachymeter bezel, auto lap splits and live delta time. Equipped with 250 preloaded global racetracks there’s no stopping you taking the drivers seat with the strong yet breathable titanium bracelet keeping its cool. Never compromising on style, the Marq Driver brings an intense, thrill seeking design to the track.


We Love:


  • Wrist-based lap times at a glance of your wrist.
  • The innovative track timer along with the tachymeter bezel allows those on the sidelines to calculate the average speed of a car.
  • The session summary feature that let’s you relive every drive or race.
  • The sleek, stylish look that’s at home on the racetrack.


Price: £2249 or £56.22 per month.

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