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An Introduction to Cyrus Watches


Cyrus Watches bring their innovative and forward thinking concept to Jura Watches. The arrival of the Swiss brand that merges originality with tradition sits perfectly alongside our fantastic edit of luxury brands. Holding exclusivity and uniqueness at the core of their design ethos, Cyrus Watches  has a strong identity that is instantly recognisable.


Looking to the future of watchmaking, the brand captures a dynamic, contemporary aesthetic taking risks where necessary without neglecting tradition. Spending three years working with Jean-Francois Mojon - one of Switzerland’s greatest watchmakers - Cyrus understands the importance of Swiss watchmaking. The collaboration guarantees precision, reliability and accuracy dressed in a modern, striking design. The fully functional double crown is an incredible example of providing a contemporary concept that never neglects practicality.




Showcasing their passion for Haute Horlogerie, their timepieces infuse unique characteristics with an admiration for the classic values of watchmaking. Utilising modern technical and mechanical ideas each Cyrus timepiece takes watchmaking to a new level cementing a strong signature style for the innovative brand. Cyrus successfully design strikingly bold watches with a focus on comfort.


A feature that highlights their commitment to creating the perfect balance between innovation and tradition is their 2500 year old story. The case back of the Klepcys and Kuros collection host an identical copy of a coin made during the reign of Cyrus the Great who conquered and ruled Babylon; a city state that is known for its unique architecture and utilising all the technical and intellectual resources of its time. The original coin is acquired by the founders of Cyrus Watches who are inspired by its great historic value being one of the world’s first currency. The case back wears the lion and bull imprint with pride symbolising authority of this time and linking the watch to this magnificent city.



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