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Bremont Supermarine Waterman Limited Edition Watch Review


Surfacing from the depths of the ocean, the new Bremont Supermarine Waterman Limited Edition has been tested to the extreme by Mark Healey, a world renowned free-diver, adventurer, big-wave surfer and ocean environmentalist. The Bremont Ambassador understands better than anybody how important and crucial a reliable timepiece is when exploring the ocean. Timing is everything, especially during the free diving process.


With only 300 pieces available, the striking divers watch joins the iconic Supermarine range using the S500 as a strong foundation for the design, which was chosen by courageous international explorers and many military units. Securely fitted with a stainless steel case that guarantees water resistance to 500 metres, the Waterman is the ultimate diving companion where precision and reliability is everything. Fitted with a helium release valve, an anti shock vibration mount and a scratch resistant sapphire uni-directional bezel, the diving instrument survives the toughest of conditions.




Wherever you are in the world, the Bremont Waterman will keep you on time with the blue GMT indicator and a highly legible design. Sharp, crisp and neatly arranged, the dial features work harmoniously together in their white and blue colour palette - a beautiful new addition to the Supermarine range. Opt for a stainless steel bracelet, a blue Temple Island rubber strap or a blue Kevlar strap depending on your personal preference.




Not only is the Bremont Watches Supermarine Waterman Limited Edition a remarkable piece, it also supports 'Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii', a charity helping to protect our ocean's legacy with a percentage of the proceeds being donated to the organisation. The Waterman is a celebration of life on and under the water hoping to raise awareness of the threats our oceans are facing across the globe. For example, rubbish accumulates in five ocean garbage patches, the largest being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If left untouched, the plastic will affect our ecosystems, health and economies. With superb charities such as Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, the situation can be changed with people working together to clean up our beaches and oceans. The Bremont Waterman is definitely a watch with a conscience.

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