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Bell & Ross BR01 Laughing Skull Watch Review


Bell & Ross showcase their skull-full craftsmanship and innovative concepts with the newly released BR01 Laughing Skull timepiece. Armed with their unrivalled creativity and passion for originality, the Bell & Ross brand strives to break the mould time and time again. Thinking outside the box ruins through the veins – or should I say the bones – of the revolutionary brand that has been bringing haunting skull watches to the industry since 2009.


Their success over the nine years has driven Bell & Ross to go that extra mile with the chilling design that sinisterly laughs via the automaton movement. As the wearer winds the crown, the lower jaw moves creating a sly grin. The iconic Bell & Ross skull collection pays tribute to the symbol that over centuries has been used by pirates and the military that face death during their service.






The Bell & Ross BR 01 Laughing Skull marks a first for the brand as they venture into the field of automata, which allow for the skull to become animated on the dial. Dating back to the 14th century, autonomous mechanisms first appeared in Europe alongside mechanical clocks when an animated figure on a clock tower would strike the hours on a bell with a hammer – this is known as a Jacquemart. Bell & Ross have taken this concept to allow for the threatening skull to become alive.


Only a new, innovative calibre would suffice to match the bold, revolutionary character. To create the lower jaw movement, Bell & Ross designed the BR-CAL.206 in-house to echo the powerful skull shape on the dial to ensure the mechanism fits seamlessly. The four bones allow for the caliber to be attached to the case allowing for the movement to float beautifully in the centre. View Bell & Ross’ artistry from the exhibition case back – it’s breathtaking.






The skull sits in the centre of the 46mm square microblasted steel case that features a striking “Clous de Paris” finish. The intricate guilloche pattern requires special machining to create the complex design that compliments the skull perfectly. Made from metal applique and embossed to create a relief pattern, the floating skull comes to life on the dial – a process typically known for making coins or medals. The skeletonised sword shaped hands are coated in SuperLuminova for restricted lighting.


Limited to 500 pieces, the BR 01 Laughing Skull is a powerful statement piece for those who like to stand out from the crowd and appreciate unique, original design.

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