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A Step by Step Guide on How and Where to Spend Bitcoin


It was only a matter of time before a digital currency system was invented with online shopping becoming so popular. Living in the digital age, earning and buying Bitcoin is growing with more companies accepting virtual currencies across the globe – we are one of them.


Browse from our stunning selection of unique watches to spend your Bitcoin today! 


Read our ultimate guide on how easily you can spend Bitcoin to purchase goods online.


What Is BitCoin?


Bitcoin is a digital currency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in January 2009. You can mine, earn or buy Bitcoin to exchange for products with retailers that accept it. It differs from traditional currency, as it doesn’t physically exist, the cryptocurrency is securely stored in your Bitcoin cash wallet.


Do Jura Watches Accept BitCoin?


Yes we do! Like many other companies such as Microsoft and Expedia, we accept Bitcoin payments to purchase from our exclusive selection of luxury timepieces. Simply choose the watch you wish to buy from our edit of exceptional brands and head to the checkout.


How Do I Pay via Bitcoin?


The checkout process is actually very easy and simple to use. There are two ways to do so. Either select the BitPay option or get in touch and we can send you the Bitcoin invoice via email.


Select the BitPay payment method whilst in checkout.




Choose the type of currency you have – Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash.




The price of the watch is converted into a Bitcoin amount and allows you to checkout using the digital currency – this is what you will receive via email if you choose that option.




You will then open your Bitcoin Wallet to successfully make the payment.


Make sure that the secure wallet that you use is compatible with BitPay and you are using the current release version that complies with Payment Protocol. This will ensure that you send the correct amount, which includes a high enough miner fee for the Bitcoin network to agree the transaction. Also, Payment Protocol ensures that the payment will not fail, your order will not be delayed and you do not have to deal with refunds. You do not need to worry about accidentally sending payments to imposters or attackers due to their security system. Please see the list of the free wallets below.




There are three different ways to open your wallet.


Use your phone to simply scan the QR code, which will open the payment in your mobile wallet, locking the Bitcoin address and sending amount allowing for you to make the payment.


Alternatively, copy the payment URL that is on the invoice and simply paste it into your wallet’s send screen. Ensure you check your payment details before sending the payment.


Simply click the 'open in wallet' button, confirm all is correct and continue to send the payment.


BitPay allows for a 15 minute payment window, where the price will stay fixed. Don’t forget to press send within this time limit.


How to Move Bitcoin to a Secure Wallet


If you are unsure how to move your Bitcoin to a secure spending wallet, take a look at this step-by-step tutorial by BitPay.





Advantages of Bitcoin


There are many advantages for using the digital currency to pay for products on the Internet, take a look:


Quick money transfer.


The cost of the transfer is very low.


There is no chance of double spending.


No physically cash is printed.


There are no charge-backs.


Please get in touch with our expert team if you would like any further help with spending Bitcoin at Jura Watches. We would be more than happy to help. Ring us on 01335 453 453 or email at

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