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Bremont H-4 Hercules Limited Edition Watch Review


“I want to be remembered for only one thing: my contribution to aviation”


Bremont ensure that Howard Hughes role in aeronautical design is never forgotten with their trio of limited editions released just last night. The Jura team attended the launch event at the V&A, London to admire the fleet that pays tribute to the iconic flying boat of the 1940s, nicknamed the ‘Spruce Goose’, which has earned American inventor, Howard Hughes a legendary status.





Defying convention, Hughes successfully built the largest aircraft in the world in a time of austerity. With a wingspan of 320 feet (longer that the Statue of Liberty) the plane was double the size of any other of the time. Always fascinated by the tale of the H-4 Hercules, Bremont founders, Giles and Nick English, were impressed by the Hollywood moviemaker’s ambition to make an aircraft of this size out of wood that many deemed impossible. His talent for aviation and engineering allowed for him to push boundaries of aeronautical design, the sheer scale of the H-4 Hercules influenced the large aircrafts in use today all these years later.





Commemorating a pivotal moment in aviation history, the three limited editions combine sublime micro engineering with exceptional watch design to create an impressive line up that doesn’t disappoint. Each featuring different case materials, the number of editions varies with only 300 pieces of the stainless steel version whereas the rose gold and platinum designs are limited to just 75 pieces. Housing a new movement based on the BWC/01 Calibre built in partnership with La Joux Perret, the 25 jewel Bremont BWC/02 brings GMT functionality to the wrist.




Turn the Bremont H-4 Hercules Limited Edition to admire the new movement that features an automatic winding rotor that includes original birchwood veneer from the aircraft that made a name for itself on that one-minute flight back in November 1947. Fashioned into four propeller blades, the wood was carefully cut to size by the bespoke furniture makers, Silverlining and only available due to essential preservation work. The birchwood is not the only material from the H-4 Hercules used as the English-made bridle leather watch packaging features the original aileron fabric from the control surfaces. It’s the small details that make these limited editions extra special.





Sharing Hughes attention to the smallest details and striving for perfection, Bremont always brings flawless design to the wrist and the trio of limited editions is no different. The innovative spirit, iconic design and rich legacy of the silver ship inspired the brothers to create a fleet of timepieces dedicated to this beautiful piece of machinery that in their eyes could be one of the most important aircraft ever to have flown. A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum to continue preserving the aircraft.

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