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Bell & Ross Vintage Bellytanker Watch Review


The Bell & Ross V2-94 Bellytanker speeds into September with a dash of elegance and vintage charm. The astonishing slimline, silver race car that inspires the instrument is sleek, powerful and fierce; a speed machine that not only looks spectacular but boasts a performance to match. The brands fascination with speed is present in both the B-Rocket and the Aero-GT and has continued to drive into their latest machine.


The Bellytanker is built from the external fuel tank of fighter jets; a revolutionary practice used by Bill Burke in the forties and fifties to design the unique P-51 Bellytanker that was powered by a V8 engine. Combining his unrivalled engineering skills and aerodynamic prowess, his genius invention broke 15 speed records on the famous Bonneville Salt Lake flats. An iconic, legendary racer that Bell & Ross recreated so beautifully.




The stainless steel case is a reminder of the silver record breaker. Similarly, the metallic gold dial and black minute scale echoes the wheels of the futuristic invention. The collection successfully captures the nostalgia of such an iconic race car yet nods to the innovative, modern aesthetic of such a speed demon. Bell & Ross have designed a timeless beauty that is both incredibly charming and eager to break the next speed record. 




A magnificent design that truly does the legendary missile-like racer justice. A legacy that is never forgotten yet remembered in the recreation and the trio that have just been announced. Choose either the V2-94 41mm chronographs in either a satin-polished steel bracelet or brown calfskin leather strap or the V1-92 38.5mm edition. Both feature a discreet date display in between 4 and 5 o’clock that is a beautiful continuation of the caramel gold dial. Powered by the BR-CAL .302 automatic movement the instrument hold precision, accuracy and reliability in high regard.

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