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Ball Watch Company Engineer Master Diver II Watch Review


Dive deep underwater with the new Ball Watch Company Engineer Master II Diver to experience the thrill and fascination with the unknown, natural world; a colourful line up that cements the brands dedication to free diver Guillaume Nery’s adventures and the exploration beneath sea level. 


To celebrate the discovery of beautiful, vibrant marine life the trio bring a splash of colour to the wrist. The vivid colours are a tribute to the incredible sights viewed by Guillaume Nery as he continues to explore the magical underwater world. Tangerine orange, midnight blue, sunshine yellow and monochrome black and white create a bold, distinctive aesthetic. Matching rubber straps guarantee exceptional performance, comfort and stretch.




Diving to new depths the Engineer Master II Diver reaches 300m showcasing Ball’s innovative minds. For the globe trotters amongst us, the 42mm GMT version allows you to track both your current time as well as the time at home - after all the world is brimming with underwater paradises taking you to exotic, far away places. With a 24-hour indicator and a coloured arrow hand the feature is easy to read. In addition, the 42mm model boasts Ball’s patented mechanical thermometer measuring temperatures between -31°F and 113°F, or -35°C and 45°C, with 99% accuracy1. The slightly larger limited edition with a diameter of 44mm features both day and date functions for a clean yet functional dial that is easily read.




An inner rotating bezel that accurately measures the elapsed diving time is present on all models in the series. The bezel is fitted with revolutionary micro gas light technology to illuminate the darkness when natural light is restricted. The use of micro gas lights throughout the dial allow for time to be read clearly at all times.


The Ball Watch Company Engineer Master II Diver is a vibrant, colourful and highly functional divers watch; an instrument that can navigate in the darkness with accuracy, reliability and precision. The perfect companion that appreciates the beauty of the underwater world.

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