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Anonimo Epurato Safari Watch Review


Anonimo invites for you to escape the everyday with their Epurato Safari duo. Taste adventure with the colours of the savannah with the soft sand shades tempting you to book that trip of a lifetime. The duet is nostalgic of trips to African territories and grand vistas with its chic, refined aesthetic well suited to the urban gentleman – the classic Epurato design reimagined as a charming, adventurous type.


The elegant sand hue contrasts beautifully against the matt black case adding to the clean, minimalistic feel of the design, which makes the dial highly legible. Slightly smaller, the sporty original has softened into a more refined model with a robust finish due to the black cushion case. Designing two watches for the collection, Anonimo experiments with colours and materials. Opt for either a beige sand dial or a black watch face. Both feature a steel case covered with a DLC matte treatment and are fastened with an antelope leather strap; a striking combination that catches the eye of the style conscious traveller.


Leave the office behind to explore the exotic wildlife and the wonders of an untamed world with the Epurato Safari on your wrist for the duration. An unforgettable trip with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful African wilderness. The new design captures the very essence of the thrilling adventure with its soft, subtle shades. The stylish gent can easily reinvent his style with the new interchangeability bracelet system; a feature that allows the urban guy to express himself.




The Anonimo Epurato Safari seeks adventure yet brings the refined style and charm of a true classic. The case and colours may have changed yet the finishes remind us what we love about the Anonimo model. Staying true to its identity the fluted bezel, automatic movement and dial arrangement allow for the new design to feel at home in the Epurato line up.

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