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Ball Watch Company Trainmaster Pulsemeter MSF Watch Review


Ball Watch Company help to save lives with their two new limited editions. Teaming up with the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – a team of medics that bravely works to save lives in conflict zones, at natural disasters and in the event of an epidemic. Proudly donating 50% of the sales of the Trainmaster Pulsemeter MSF Limited Edition to the cause, Ball Watch Company truly help fund an independent organisation that relies solely on donations from generous people.


Helping millions of people every year, the MSF raise awareness and support human connection since their beginnings in 1971 – a response to the frightening images shown on the TV. Thirteen founders have grown to 36,000 staff providing emergency medical aid on the frontline. The Doctors Without Borders logo proudly sits at 6 o’clock on the dial of the duo – standing out against the crisp white watch face.


Limited to 100 pieces, the stunning design allows for the wearer to measure pulse rate – a useful function for those providing medical aid in crisis situations. The clear and concise dial is highly legible with its blue, white and red colour combination. Their unrivalled luminosity in restricted lighting is due Ball Watch Company’s legendary micro gaslights. Combining design and technology, the limited editions are wells suited to survive the conditions of conflict zones. In particular, the chronograph is not affected by external impacts. The Ball Watch Company anti-shock system known as the SpringLOCK consists of a cage surrounding the balance spring that absorbs the energy when the timepiece suffers impact reducing the balance spring’s shock impact by 66% and therefore, enhancing the watch’s accuracy.




Precision, reliability and performance are incredibly important to Ball Watch Company as is raising money for a good cause – qualities shared and valued by the MSF to successfully bring medical aid to victims of many countries in crisis.

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