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An Introduction to Movado


The newest brand to join our edit of innovative, luxury brands is Movado; a Swiss watch company with a rich heritage dating back to 1881. Harnessing a modern approach the collections are sleek, minimalistic and pure. The contemporary designs demand attention via their simplistic identity that brings elegance and sophistication to the wrist.  A brand that is ‘always in motion’ constantly seeking creativity and innovation whilst never neglecting their subtle design style. 


A design feature that is instantly recognisable as a Movado dial is the single dot at 12 o’clock. The majority of the instruments welcome the design trait that was first realised in 1947 becoming iconic around the globe whilst simultaneously defining the Movado brand. Industrial designer, Nathan George Horwitt created the circular dot 70 years ago as a symbol of the sun at high noon; a concept deriving from the idea that time is not a number sequence yet a position of the sun as the earth rotates. A very basic yet truthful interpretation that led to removing numbers from the dial and a strong design concept.  



Movado dare to present the unconventional through simplicity; an understated elegance that brings impact to the wrist. The inspirational brand are dedicated to designing beautiful, artistic instruments that favour subtly. Opting for a colour palette that is predominately neutral the collection of watches adopt a sophisticated character. Rose gold, silver, charcoal grey, black and dark blue are classic shades that provide a timeless, refined style. Movado is a watch brand that experiments with minimalism allowing their simplistic designs to speak volumes and stand out as original and unique. 



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