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A look at the TAG Heuer Connected Sports App

Have you put on a couple of Covid kilos over the lockdown period? You wouldn’t be the only one. But that’s just as well since the TAG Heuer Connected 2021 releases are designed to take of you. If you’re a fitness freak or looking to replace an unhealthy lifestyle with a more active one, you can think of the TAG Heuer Connected watch as your new best friend. Helping us slowly return to some fraction of normality, the new smartwatch has a plethora of updated features, enabling you to enjoy the Connected experience even more than before. The La Chaux de Fonds watchmaker packs its new Connected watches full of updated sports app features and a brand new Golf App.


The launch of the Generation 3 TAG Heuer Connected watch last year was a quantum leap. Similar in many ways, but with some modestly refreshed elements, the 45mm case crafted from steel or titanium packs a punch on the wrist but makes for a perfect daily wearer. The lugs, for example, have an angular twist that ergonomically wraps around the contours of the wrist. The lug tops are polished in the steel versions, creating some contrast to the satin-brushed case sides, emphasizing strong masculine lines. The pushers are beautifully geometric, flanking a rubber-covered smart crown that enables you to scroll through a detailed inventory. Polished faceted surfaces on the ceramic bezel with a 60-minute scale are also reminiscent of a traditional TAG Heuer Chronograph, imparting the feel of a mechanical watch on the wrist.



It is, however, the Sports App that we’re looking at today. Will it persuade you to start working out? Let’s see…


For swimmers…


Expanding its in-house-developed range of apps, TAG Heuer is as dedicated to sports as it ever was. The modifications made to its already-popular Sports App integrated into the Connected watch include a new swimming tracker and new features tailored towards running enthusiasts.


So, if you’re a pool swimmer you can now record your performance by measuring the laps you swim. Total distance and interval breakdowns are also accessible from the smartwatch screen. For more details, you can access an analysis of your strokes and your pace, as well as your calories burned. Now, here’s where the swimming feature gets even more interesting. By adding the seconds and the strokes taken to swim 25 metres or 50 metres, a sophisticated performance indicator provides swimmers with a SWOLF score. Your lap efficiency is then set as a strategic benchmark to improve on and surpass next time. For quick access to all your basic swimming credentials, your laps completed and elapsed time, as well as distance and interval breakdowns, are all displayed on the screen for you to monitor at a glance. Four different types of strokes can also be detected through the new feature of the TAG Heuer Sports App. The Connected watch now uses algorithms to identify freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.


Thanks to TAG Heuer’s clever design of the Connected watch, the push-pieces on the case can be used instead of the touchscreen whilst underwater. This was all part of TAG Heuer’s initial plan – to produce a smartwatch for health and fitness that required less touchscreen operation. The mechanical pushers start, stop and reset your timings for you.


For runners…



There is now a range of new features for runners to enjoy within the updated TAG Heuer Sports App. If you’re an indoor runner you can glance at your TAG Heuer Connected watch to see what heart rate zone you are in. Your total distance ran on the treadmill can then be inputted into the app to calculate the pace of your session. And if you tend to focus primarily on your heart rate whilst you run, there’s now a tailor-made function to suit your requirement. You can see your heart rate zone and the percentage of your maximum heart rate on the screen as your run. The heart rate zone comprises 5 different levels which span from the warm-up stage and peak at zone 5. Therefore, you can either intensify your training or slow the pace of your cardiovascular workout down as and when you wish. After your jog, the Sports App on the TAG Heuer Connected watch gives you a full post-run analysis. A colour coded heart rate graph helps you to see how long you spent in each heart rate zone.


Synchronize your TAG Heuer sports sessions to a third-party application



With the TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch, you can synchronize your sports sessions to third party applications like Apple Health and Strava. The watchmaker has made this remarkably simple to do. To synch your TAG Heuer sports sessions, go to the Settings tab and select the Third Party Applications option. You choose the service that you need, linking the watch with the service by following the on-screen instructions. From then onwards, your following sessions will automatically sync.


The Sports App will also enable you to record your sports session in many different ways with a total list of tracking features that we’ve listed here:


  1. Distance (miles or kilometres)
  2. Duration
  3. Current and average pace (min per hour or miles per hour)
  4. Current and average speed (km per hour or miles per hour)
  5. Current, average, minimum, and maximum heart rate
  6. Burned calories
  7. Map tracking
  8. HR Graph / Pace / Speed

For more information on the new range of TAG Heuer Connected watches, view the range here or call our helpful sales team today on 01335 453453.

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