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Why Choose a Watch With a Mechanical Movement?

So far in our series on watch movements we've looked at the different types of watch movement and the reasons for choosing a timepiece with a quartz movement.


In this article, mechanical movements get their opportunity in the spotlight, and it's fair to say they look at home there, being timepieces of charm and charisma.


What is it about mechanical movements - arguably an outdated technology - so attractive and compelling to watch collectors?


Tradition. With a mechanical timepiece on your wrist, you're part of a timepiece tradition going back over 500 years. Mechanical clocks weren't the first ever timepieces (the sun moving through the sky takes the credit for that), but they are an antiquated and timeworn technology. Wearing a mechanical timepiece gives you an immediate connection to the history of watch making.


Craftsmanship. Every part of a mechanical watch is intricately crafted by expert watch makers. Mechanical watches are a labour of love in their design, creation and assembly; and this labour of love continues when the watch is worn.


Self-sufficiency. Most luxury timepieces these days are automatic, meaning that as long as they're worn daily, they will never stop. In reality, mechanical watches need regular maintenance, but when you've got one on your wrist, it feels like it could keep going forever.


Physicality. In an increasingly digital world, mechanical watches offer a pathway into how things used to be when engineering was all mechanical, and you interacted with technology in a physical way. Owning a mechanical timepiece is like having a tiny engine on your wrist.


Heart and Soul. The insides of a mechanical watch are constantly moving. With the movement of the gears, is as though the watch has its own beating heart, a life of its own. Some even say that mechanical watches have soul.


Romance. Mechanical watches have a sense of mystery and nostalgia that many watch lovers argue is lacking in battery powered timepieces.


Quirkiness. Mechanical watches will never be as accurate as their quartz cousins. But they make up for this by their individuality. Every mechanical watch has its own quirks and personality, giving you all the more reason to fall in love with it.


Now it's you turn: Why would (or wouldn't) you choose a watch with a mechanical movement? Let us know in the comments.


Image Credit: Alex Kerhead.

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