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A Grand Seiko Special

Grand Seiko

Swilling the red wine in a circular motion, breathing in the unique scent and finally taking a sip appreciating the beautiful taste, you begin to ponder how your favourite wine is produced to be so distinctive from other wines that adorn the shelves at a winery or supermarket. What makes something so special compared to it’s peers? Is it quality, precision, appearance, expertise, skill or style? A perfect combination of all of the above? Let's delve deeper.........


The taste of wine relies upon the environment in which it is produced to be distinguished as either exquisite, good, okay or bad. All fine vinters set out to make a unique wine that surpasses rivals that can only be described as truly special. The terroir is a highly important aspect that affects the taste, success and reputation of the wine maker - the terroir is the environmental factors that affects the crops qualities - ‘the soil, topography, and climate.’ We boldly compare this principle to the luxury watch label of Grand Seiko declaring ‘it is the terroir of Grand Seiko which makes them unique.’


Let’s delve deeper and discover what makes Grand Seiko so special? 





The beautifully crafted, diamond shaped hands sit with pride on the Grand Seiko dial. A work of art that is executed with precision and attention to detail; a labour of love that ensures that each point is razor sharp, smooth and sleek. It is often underestimated how important the process is of making the hands glide effortlessly telling the time in the most beautiful way. The specially sculpted hands and carefully polished surface allows for slightest ray of light to reflect. 


Grand Seiko 



The markers that are fixed into place are integral to time telling; without may cause confusion and a lack of accuracy. Grand Seiko understand the importance of indices and proceed to carve exquisite shapes to sit proudly on the dial keeping the sophisticated elegance of the brand. Each small piece is crafted with care and expertise as the fine lines are etched and slanted edges are formed. 



Dual Curve Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Treatment

Peering into any Grand Seiko watch will ensure clarity, no distortion, no glare and perfect legibility, which is primarily a result of the dual curve sapphire crystal and anti-reflective treatment. The sapphire crystal are double-domed and treated with an anti-reflective coating to avoid glare and scratches. Grand Seiko pride themselves on offering the most elite timepieces that are easy to read without unnecessary distractions or annoyances. 


Grand Seiko


Zaratsu Polishing 


This technique is also known as blade polishing and is a rotating tin plate that is carefully applied to the case at a very precise angle to produce a mirror finish. Only the most skilled and experienced craftsmen are trusted with such an important role that makes Grand Seiko’s appearance unique and distinctive. It is a process that only an expert watch brand would attempt and succeed with such beauty. 


Grand Seiko


Attention To Detail 


It is evident that Grand Seiko has gained its reputation due to their commitment and dedication to detail. Each individual part is crafted with the upmost care to ensure that every instrument meets the high standards and quality that the brand sets. The experience and skill that each craftsman has adds to the beauty of the instruments. 


What makes Grand Seiko special to you?


Take another sip or gulp of wine and appreciate the beauty of Grand Seiko!! 

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