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Above and Beyond

To go the extra mile striving for a result that is above and beyond - to some, is unnecessary and pointless. If the job is being fulfilled then why complicate things further? Yet, whilst working towards a new goal, to add to the basic principle is exciting, worthwhile and completely necessary. To remain fixed in one place without moving forward and evolving with time allows for a world without improvement, creativity, originality and invention; the possibilities are endless with a future full of opportunities to progress and develop. 


As Angus Davies rightly declared complications are beyond hours, minutes and seconds in his presentation this weekend at our Christmas Wishes event at Chatsworth House; features that enhance the basic functions of telling the time - going the extra mile in the name of precision, practicality and innovation. Additions that provide more answers and information all in a glance is the beauty of innovative watchmaking that brands compete to create the most outstanding timepiece. 


Angus refers to the inclusion of a date display, time zones, annual calendar, chronographs and tourbillon; all features that add clarity and sophistication in a contemporary industry. The self confessed watch addict has kindly picked out instruments that do strive to go beyond their simple means of telling the time and proudly deliver much, much more. 


Come and see his top picks…………..


DuBois et fils Watch DBF003-07 2 Hands and Small Seconds Limited Edition


DuBois et fils Watch DBF003-07 2 Hands and Small Seconds Limited Edition DBF003-07

The date display positioned at 12 o’clock allows for the wearer to realise the date at a glance. The complication allows for the timepiece to provide information beyond its watch telling function effortlessly. Presented in prime position the display enhances the beautiful emerald green dial with sophistication. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, leather strap, steel case, 40mm diameter, green dial, limited edition, automatic movement, water resistance 50M 


Price: £4,495


Frederique Constant Watch Manufacture Worldtimer Limited Edition

Frederique Constant Watch Manufacture Worldtimer Limited Edition FC-718WM4H6


An intelligent timepiece that has the ability to provide the time around the world via the markings circling the dial. The instrument becomes very useful for avid travellers who regularly are taken to different countries for important business. The aesthetic allows for the Worldtimer to fit seamlessly with the formal attire that the work demands. 


Specifications:  fixed bezel, aligator strap, steel case, 42mm diameter, silver dial, automatic movement, 50M water resistance 


Price: £2,890


Grand Seiko Watch Spring Drive Chronograph 


Grand Seiko Watch Spring Drive Chrono SBGC013G 

Chronographs are able to record time with great precision by using the stopwatch principle therefore, reaching beyond the time telling function. The Grand Seiko have taken the feature and created an exquisite piece that allows for accuracy when measuring time. The word chronograph actually translates to ‘time writer.’


Specifications: fixed bezel, titanium strap, titanium case, 43.5mm diameter, blue dial, spring drive movement, power reserve, 100M water resistant


Price: £9,500




Graham Watch Geo Graham Tourbillon Limited Edition


Graham Watch Geo Graham Tourbillon Limited Edition 2GGCP.W01A.C137P

The exposed tourbillon gives an exquisite touch to the stunning timepiece. Deriving from the French word ‘whirlwind’ as the mechanism spins on itself to eliminate the effects of gravity on the balance wheel; an impressive execution of engineering to secure accuracy in a wristwatch. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, alligator strap, rose gold case, 40mm diameter, white colour, automatic movement, 50M water resistance 


Price: £48,500










Which complication would you go above and beyond for?

Take your time to indulge and decide..............

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