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TAG Heuer Connected Watch Review

TAG Heuer Connected

The word eternity refers to 'lasting forever' - an eternity ring symbolises everlasting love, connected by the spiritual bond that will never break and continue for infinity. Eternal life is the belief of immortality and the afterlife. However, an 'eternity connected' is the promise attached to the new Tag Heuer smart phone - an option to share an everlasting bond with the luxury watch label. Watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the globe have the unique option to form an endless relationship with TAG Heuer. Who's in?? Let's find out more. 


The connected for eternity concept allows for loyal customers to pay an extra fee, which entitles them to trade in the smart phone for a TAG Heuer timepiece in 2 years time. The innovative idea derives from recognition that technology dates quickly and therefore, the connected watch can be swapped for a different model. It is also a guarantee that their investment will not be wasted for those who are unsure of the invention of smart watches and their future. Watch investors will simply be embarking on a journey with TAG Heuer exploring avant-garde innovation and technical ingenuity that they can easily opt out of after two years. 


TAG Heuer Connected


To execute such a contemporary, forward thinking piece TAG Heuer have formed an alliance with Intel and Google. The device has the ability to receive and reply to messages, alert of notifications on smart phone, work out routes to a specific destination, restaurant recommendations, monitor steps, inform of the weather and of course tell the time via a digital display that echoes the signature style of the luxury watch label - the loved Carrera - which is available in three different designs. Smart phones usually fall into sleep mode when not in use to reserve power yet the Connected watch has the ability to remain operational to tell the time at a glance when in time mode. The titanium brushed smart watch contains an in-built lithium battery, which claims to last a day before needing to be charged. The new smart phone is compatible with iOS and Android software and therefore, is able to download up to 4,000 apps in the Google Play store, which includes golf, motor racing and trail walking. 

TAG Heuer Connected


TAG Heuer have embraced the digital age introducing their fans to a unique opportunity to opt in and opt out if it is not to their liking. It is a tentative time for the luxury watch industry where experimenting with smart technology is necessary to evolve with innovative market. TAG Heuer have created a clever connected piece yet have not strayed away from their iconic style and identity to attract their loyal fans. Are you convinced? 


Do you desire an everlasting bond win TAG Heuer? The new Connected model is perfect for you!!!! The future awaits!! 

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