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Bremont ALT1-B2 Chronograph and U-2/BL Watch Review


Bremont has unveiled two of its new timepieces to be launched at Baselworld 2013: the ALT1-B2 (GMT) Chronograph, and the U-2/BL.

The Bremont ALT1-B2 (GMT) is closely based on a watch created for the elite B2 'Stealth Bomber' Aircrew in 2012. Bremont was approached by the B2 'Stealth Bomber' Squadron in Missouri, USA, to make a unique timepiece. "The challenge was getting the necessary stealthy appearance with the essential Bremont readability," the brand says.

The new ALT1-B2 is equipped with modified BE-54E movement. It has a 43 mm hardened stainless steel DLC coated case with Trip-Tick construction, and a Roto-Click internal bezel. Additional features include a domed anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, SuperLumiNova coated hands and numerals, and water resistance to 100 metres. It is COSC chronometer tested.

"Working on this project with the B2 crew could not have been more interesting, they knew exactly what they were trying to achieve which was great," said Bremont co-founder Nick English. "They are a fascinating group of people, most of whom are MIT or Harvard graduates as far as I can work out, probably a prerequisite to fly a B2 'Stealth Bomber'! The B2 watch was a huge success with the Squadron, it also received rapturous applause from civilian watch aficionados so we knew there was a strong demand for a general release version, hence the introduction of the ALT1-B2 Chronograph."

Bremont has also revealed the U-2 Blue, the latest addition to its U-2 collection.

The Bremont U-2 was designed for the elite 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale, who wanted a custom watch with the same testing history as the successful Bremont MB.

Nick English said: "It was a complete honour to work with the U-2 crew at Beale, CA. Their attention to detail was second to none and the end result was a rather special military watch and became the father of the U-2 retail range. The introduction of the new U-2 Blue is a striking addition to the collection. The range of aesthetics and advanced technical attributes makes the U-2 chronometer a great choice for the price point."

Unlike others in the range, the new U-2/BL has an exhibition case back. It has a 43 mm hardened stainless steel case with Trip-Tick construction, and an inner bi-directional Roto-Click bezel. The watch is powered by modified BE-36AE automatic movement, and has a domed anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It is COSC chronometer tested and is water resistant to 100 metres.
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