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Bell & Ross Watch Aviation Collection Review


Bell & Ross will extend its Aviation collection with the launch of three new limited edition watches at Baselworld 2013.

The Bell & Ross Aviation collection takes its inspiration from instruments used in aeroplane cockpits. In 2012 the brand released the BR01 Horizon, BR01 Altimeter, and BR01 Turn Coordinator - directly inspired by an aircraft's altitude indicator, altimeter and turn coordinator respectively. Three new models will now join the range.

The BR01 Heading Indicator, BR01 Airspeed, and BR01 Climb are each limited to 999 pieces.

The BR01 Heading Indicator is inspired by the instrument that indicates what course an aircraft is on. The dial features three independent concentric discs, graduated for the hours and minutes. The seconds are displayed on a centre disc featuring a yellow marker. The hour is read using a yellow triangle on the outer hours disc, and minutes are read from the middle disc. West, East and South indications are also displayed. An aeroplane and yellow index marks are engraved under the glass.

The BR01 Airspeed takes its design from an airspeed indicator. This instrument measures an aircraft's speed in relation to the air it is moving through, allowing the plane to be flown in a controlled way without visibility. The watch design displays the hours, minutes and seconds separately on the dial, and uses the three colours seen on the original instrument to indicate zones of criticality by quarters of an hour.

The BR01 Climb is based on the vertical speed indicator, a tool that uses atmospheric pressure to tell the pilot if the aircraft is ascending, descending or in level flight. Since the instrument only has one white hand, the hour hand on the watch has been darkened to provide the best imitation of the original. A power reserve indicator is found on the dial in yellow, and a date window is placed at 3 o'clock.

An original heading indicator, airspeed indicator and vertical speed indicator that inspired the designs.

Each watch has an anti-glare, matt black carbon finish to its 46 mm case, designed to make dials easier to read by eliminating glare. They are powered by mechanical automatic movement, and are water resistant to 100 metres.

A collector's box containing all six Bell & Ross Aviation watches will also be available. The box design is inspired by a control panel, and is intended to "make its owner feel as though they own a fragment of an aircraft's cockpit."
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