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Firework Frenzy

Remember, remember the 5th of November………..


The little rhyme springs to mind as the date edges near. The night where the skies light up with exploding fireworks of colour and sparkle, the glow and warmth of the bonfire burns brightly and the crackling of sparklers are heard in the distance. To celebrate the rapidly approaching Bonfire night, Jura Watches reflect on those bold, vibrant watches that demand attention from spectators. Be prepared to be dazzled with the explosion of colour - a lot of ‘ooooo’s’ and ‘ahhhhh’s’ will suffice!!


Many luxury watch brands experiment with colour whether the vibrant shades be in the form of a watch strap, an hour hand, bezel or dial. The injection of colour can completely transform a wrist watch and the art of timekeeping dramatically. Watch designers understand how to use colour effectively when creating a new timepiece allowing for features to demand attention from watch enthusiasts worldwide. A similar principle to how fireworks dazzle, amaze and impress!!!!


Dietrich Watch OT-1 Green 


A futuristic explosion of green that embodies the uniquely shaped central hands and hour markers stands out against the layered grey dial. The lime green hands and indices light up at night for functionality and attention; beautifully lighting up the dial as would a firework waiting to be lit in the darkness of night. 


Specifications: 49mm diameter, synthetic strap, black PVD case, automatic movement, 50M water resistance, grey dial


Style Tip: Add an explosion of green to your bold style


Price: £995 

Dietrich Watch OT-1 OT-1 - GREEN



Fortis Watch Aquatis Marinemaster Chronograph Red


A burst of red dominates the dial with oversized numbers and bezel in the hue. Against, the strong black platform the injection of red takes centre stage providing a statement piece that is bold, daring and stunning. The eyes do not wander but are transfixed on the vivid red shade that lights up the watch face.  


Specifications: 42mm diameter, steel bracelet strap, steel case, unidirectional bezel, automatic movement, black dial, 200M water resistant


Style Tip: Allow for Fortis piece to stand out against a black ensemble. 


Price: £2,270

Fortis Watch Aquatis Marinemaster Chronograph Red 671.23.43 M

Breitling Watch Avenger II Seawolf


The stunning Breitling piece welcomes a golden yellow dial that shines brightly against the steel casing. A glow that demands attention and moves the watch away from conventional watchmaking. Moving the bold timepiece into a modern era without underestimating it’s diving ability and functionality. 


Specifications: 45mm diameter, steel casing, unidirectional bezel, steel bracelet strap, yellow dial, automatic movement, 3000M water resistance


Style Tip: A statement piece that lends itself to fashion and function.


Price: £3,200


Breitling Watch Avenger II Seawolf A1733110/I519/169A



SevenFriday Watch P1/05 Blue


The stunning blue colour shines from the timepiece effortlessly against the contrasting black features. The blue shade brings individuality, originality and uniqueness to the exquisite piece bringing a sense of strength and power to the design. A model that does not conform to convention yet carves its own path. 


Specifications: fixed bezel, black dial, automatic movement, steel case, 


Style Tip: Wear with complimenting or clashing colours depending on your style


Price: £850

SevenFriday Watch P1/05 Blue



Oris Watch Aquis Date Rubber


The Oris model allows for the injection of orange to be spread evenly around the dial. The vivid orange embraces the indices and hands for a subtle blast of colour to be witnessed against the black dial; a discreet explosion of colour that is shared with the not so subtle orange rubber strap. 


Specifications: 43mm diameter, Bi-Directional bezel, Black PVD casing, automatic movement, black dial, 30m water resistance. 


Style Tip: Inject colour into your outfit with the orange Oris timepiece. 


Price: £1,200


Oris Watch Aquis Date Rubber 01 733 7653 4259-07 4 26 32GEB



Which explosion of colour will be your chosen delight for Bonfire Night - green, red, yellow, blue or orange?


Caution: Don’t stand to close! Safety is paramount! 


and continue.............


Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

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