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SevenFriday V3/01 Watch Review

SevenFriday V3/01

Speeding around the race track in full control of the slick, modern sports car the adrenaline begins to kick in due to the thrill of driving such a beautiful, innovative and intelligent machine of the modern era. Glancing quickly at the SevenFriday V3/01 timepiece, the driver realises the resemblance of the instruments that thrive off uniqueness, precision, function and technical genius. Preparing to come to a safe halt, he turns his attention to the powerful SevenFriday device secured to his wrist noticing the shared aesthetic of the sports car’s dashboard…………..


The November launch of the SevenFriday V3/01 edition will reveal the motoring inspiration; in particular the admiration for the invention of high tech technology and materials that now drives the industry into a new generation of cars for guaranteed excellent performance. Features on the oversized dial echo that of an automobile dashboard with the minute hand reflecting a speedometer, the carbon look on the hours dial and the brushed steel elements that resemble the pedals and gear shifter. 


SevenFriday V3/01


Starting the engine for a second lap of the course with a quick push of a button, it becomes apparent that one of the tyres need a change. Stopping off at the pit stop the tyre is quickly swapped and is ready to once again speed effortlessly and gracefully around the track; a procedure that SevenFriday admire and have incorporated into the V3/01 model that welcomes the FSC (fast strap changer). 


Keep on driving forward to November 2015 where the SevenFriday V3/01 could official be yours!!!!


You might as well buy that beautiful sports car you had your eye on too!

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