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Glycine Airman SST Chronograph Watch Review


Luxury watch company Glycine has announced its new Airman SST Chronograph watch. The new timepiece will be the 24th generation of its Airman range. 

The new Airman is based on a 1968 model which was launched as Glycine's first ever chronograph. This 1968 watch is now highly sought after by collectors, as only 100 were ever made. 

Glycine has now decided to bring the model back, promising that the modern version combines the elegance and design features of the 1968 model with the advanced watch technology that is now available. 

Like its 1968 predecessor, the new Airman SST Chronograph has a 43mm diameter steel case and a 14-sided screwed steel bezel. 

The watch is carefully designed to be comfortable and ergonomically sound. It has an aeroplane engraved into the steel back of the case. The original Glycine chronograph was actually named after this plane, but the plane was never actually built.

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