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BRM Watch - Racing With Simona De Silvestro


Simona De Silvestro is a black and gold blur on a racetrack. And if she’d just slow down for a moment you’d see a BRM Chronograph on her wrist. Black and gold of course, and the post blazes her racing #78, bold letters of course. 

It just happens that Ms. De Silvestro is one of the most talented lady race drivers to ever fire up an engine. Running for her racing sponsor, Team Stargate Worlds/HVM Racing, she finished 14th at this year’s Indy 500 and was named the Chase Indy 500 Rookie of the Year.

In 2009, De Silvestro threw the open-wheel racing world for a loop. She won four races by flat out dominance, took four pole positions, and nine podium finishes. She finished third in the 2009 Atlantic Championship season. De Silvestro was impressive and history making, she was the first woman in series history to have won most pole positions, earn the most wins, and lead for the most laps.

Simona is as special off the oval as she is on it. Just days after her strong Indy bid, she was off to Texas for the next weekend’s dynamic Firestone 550k at Texas Motor Speedway. Despite a heavy schedule of race prep, she appeared in collaboration with BRM and retailer Neiman Marcus to present a race inspired #78 limited edition V12 Team Stargate Worlds Chronograph to the Two by Two Organisation. 
Two by Two is a Texas based annual fundraiser to support the American Foundation for AIDS Research and the Dallas Museum of Art. Championing another cause, Simona De Silvestro’s #78 car leads the "Do Not Text 'N' Drive.” It’s a public awareness campaign dedicated to educate about the dangers of text messaging while driving, the new menace on American roadways now claiming thousands of lives each year.

One of BRM’s hallmarks is its exclusivity. It creates 200 timepieces per month. It associates with champions.
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