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Alpina Watches and the French Ski Federation Review

Alpina Watches

Waiting at the start line to shoot down the slope with speed, accuracy, technicality and precision to gain the highest score and WIN the race; adrenaline builds as all your hard work and commitment collide at this pivotal moment of your career. It is a dream that you have been working towards since the first stepping onto the snow and you quickly think back to the moment you heard that Alpina Watches was collaborating with the French Ski Federation! A revelation that you are both thankful and pleased to recall as you dig your poles into the snow and push yourself off to victory…………… 


The partnership is an honour for both the watch company and the organisation; an alliance that promises to demonstrate a commitment and promotion of Alpine sports. Chosen for it’s understanding of the technical skills required as well as precision, perseverance and respect for the mountain, Alpina is an apt brand to be named as the ‘official watch’ of the French Ski Federation (FFS). Another key factor is the compassion, admiration and support that the luxury watch label shows for young skiing generations. Their passionate, youthful attitude to the slopes is contagious and values that Alpina adheres to. Those competing or practicing are reassured that Alpina truly understands their strong relationship and bond with the sport and will ensure that accuracy will be a top importance for the watch brand, appreciating that timing is crucial. 


Guido Benedini, CEO of Alpina Watches explains: "We are proud to become a partner of a major alpine sports Federation at international level like the French Ski Federation. With this partnership we want to give our contribution in communicating this fantastic and genuine sport alongside the FFS. Being an Alpine brand, we consider it our duty and responsibility to promote the values of alpine sports and the respect for the mountain environment" 



Michel Vion, President of the French Ski Federation and former World Ski Champion in 1982, is also an important member of the International Ski Federation Council announces: ”Alpina Watches is symbolic of precision and excellence. The French Ski Teams have a lot in common with this brand born in the Swiss Alps and mountain is their mutual environment.”


As the young competitor speeds past the finish line he knows that Alpina timed his performance perfectly!!! 


Where were you when you heard about the collaboration? 

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