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Nomos Glashutte Watch Tour Review



Follow us inside NOMOS Glashutte headquarters for a peak at the skilled researchers, engineers and designers at work. Ever wondered what the head offices of luxury watch brands look like? Well, now’s your chance!!!! 


Be quiet. They don’t know we are here……


From the birds-eye viewpoint you will be able to take a glimpse at the skilled workers in their complete natural habitat (no individuals were harmed in the making of these photographs). Discreetly, peer over the research and development rooms, the production offices and the watch assembly floor to gain a good perspective of life working at the award winning NOMOS Glashutte; an honour, we know! You want to know more? Okay, follow me………


The Research and Development Floor



Do you see the table with two cream sofas in the far left?? The employees can sit here with a cup of coffee reading up on the latest NOMOS press coverage! On the other side of the wall, the guy with the curly hair is reminding himself of the prize-winning watches, which must be displayed for motivation and pride!!! Have you noticed the long slim table that follows the divide in the second large room? That’s where the research and development team work sourcing new, innovative ideas to continually progress the brand further. In the third partition, the workers develop new NOMOS swing systems, which is precise, controlled, intricate work that demands skill, dedication and accuracy! Let’s not disturb them. Follow me……..


Production Rooms



Now we are looking at the production room. Can you hear me? Good! The first machine on the far left cuts precise, extremely thin circles (0.05 millimetres) and the second produces the framing part of the movement; including the three-quarter plate, the base plate and the balance cock. Do you see the smaller office top middle? This is quality control where all watches are checked to ensure they reach strict specifications. Under a watchmaker’s loupe the timepiece is closely examined over 50 times to check each component. The other middle room contains the gear-cutting machine (cuts the teeth to transfer energy) and the lathe (cuts the Glashutte three-quarter plates and bottom-plates). The room on the right includes the fine processing machine - the desks furthest away - which ensures that all edges are filed down and surfaces are polished and beautifully decorated. That station closest to us is the jewel-setting equipment. Quick! We best go we need to keep moving……


Watch Assembly Offices



Okay, so this is the last floor where the watch is assembled after production. In the small room at the bottom left the precious gold collection are constructed by the NOMOS specialists who are skilled to carry out such an important role. Duck down, I think she’s seen us! I will have to whisper just in case. In the main open room each station has a different role from the caliber assembly - the smaller table just outside the smaller rooms, to final inspection at the second table to the adjustment apartment where the movement is taught how to tick properly - the far table along the wall. The table in front is where the watches with date, power reserve and world time functions are worked on to include these features. What’s that? O yeah, I forgot the small room next to the atelier is where the straps are fitted. 


Quick! Let’s go before they catch us! Did you enjoy the tour? 

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