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Junghans Meister Pilot Watch Review

Junghan Meister Pilot 027/3592.00

Board the plane, take your seat, fasten your seat buckle and position for take off with the Junghans Meister Pilot. Relax and enjoy the flight with the new Meister Pilot at the realm ready to conquer the skies for the duration of your trip. Get ready to land back in reality by approximately March 2016 with rumours of the official release date; a tremendously long haul flight that is certainly worth the wait!!! 


Soaring back in time to the invention of flight, which consequently provided limitless freedom to navigate through the skies to new destinations curing the eager and adventurous nature of many; Junghans included. The Schramberg-based company proudly contributed to the fascinating aviation history by producing on-board clocks for 1930s aircrafts. Therefore, the intricate, complex work involved in aviation technology is embedded in the D.N.A of the luxury watch brand. 


Junghans Meister Pilot 027/3592.00



Steering confidently to present day the launch of the Meister Pilot Watch is rumoured to be the ‘perfect co-pilot’ for your wrist. Briefly stopping in the 1950s, Junghans bring elements of the legendary pilot watch to the modern day to produce a new design with a nostalgic feel to the history of aviation. Boasting an elegant case and flowing lug formation the pilot is able to read the large time display as he flies above the clouds. Peering through the double-sided, domed sapphire glass gives a clear view of the luminescent numerals and distinctive hands, which are visible in restricted lighting. The stunning black dial welcomes a bicompax chronoscope and two totalisers that are positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock. Inscribed on the case back, is a graphic illustration of the heritage-listed terrace building; a tribute to the place where the aircraft on-board clocks were produced back in the 1930’s.The Meister Pilot watch is an elegant luxury watch that values lightness as importance whilst piloting a plane. 


Are you ready to book your ticket ready for the take off of with the Junghans Meister Pilot in March 2016? Jura Watches will be the first to allow you to launch at full speed into the aviation world. 


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