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Nomos Glashutte Metro Watch Review

Nomos Glashutte Watch Metro 1101

The NOMOS Glashutte Metro has an independent and unique mindset that ticks to it’s own beat. Refusing to follow, the modern timepiece leads in a stylish yet subtle way earning a crowd of loyal admirers who are mesmerised by the strong identity that all NOMOS designs carry. Entering the industry with it’s graceful approach to time telling leaves us with no option but to delve deeper into the artistic vision of the innovative watch brand……………


Elegance, sophistication and beauty spring to mind when catching a glimpse of the NOMOS Glashutte Metro. Berlin based designer, Mark Braun is responsible for the slick creation that balances a white, mint and red hue effortlessly. The slender, young model boasts a contemporary edge of individuality setting the design apart from the rival watch designers. The delicate shades that compliment each other harmoniously set a calm yet precise environment to tell the time. The subtle small black dots and larger mint green filled circles that mark the hours are accurately placed with significance and delicacy. Gliding elegantly around the white silver-plated dial stopping to tell the time are the needle fine black oxidised hands that demand attention due to their sophisticated demeanour. The minutes are conveyed through the tiny black dots that meet the number scale that increases in a 5 minute sequence echoing a precise measuring device. The font is soft and curved to compliment the overall essence of the watch. 


Nomos Glashutte Watch Metro 1101


The slender, slim stainless steel case ensures that the 37 mm dial sits elegantly on one’s wrist refusing to be clumsy or overbearing; a flattering presentation of time that draws the eye immediately. The power reserve indicator is positioned between 12 and 1 o’clock complimenting the colour scheme in a mint and red colouring; a power reserve that approximately lasts for 42 hours. The date display proudly sits at 6 o’clock just below the seconds counter that boasts a red lacquered hand. 


The exquisite NOMOS Glashutte Metro hosts the DUW 4401 caliber with the in-house built manual winding NOMOS swing system. The special movement stands out due to the blue balance spring, the numbering on the three-quarter plate and the 23 jewels. The beauty of the Metro model carries through to the stunning presentation with the Glashutte sunburst decoration and NOMOS perlage witness through the transparent case back. The intricate and complex caliber is a result of the skilled engineers that pride themselves on producing precise works of art. 


Nomos Glashutte Watch Metro 1101


NOMOS Glashutte have mastered a beautiful expression of telling the time with delicacy, elegance and grace. A watch that would appear on the wrist of a refined modern gent who appreciates attentions to detail, contemporary design and a sophistication aesthetic. As the Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan black strap fastens to the wrist of a professional city slicker his outfit is complete.


A stylish, minimal piece that compliments his smart attire allowing for him to read the precise time in a peaceful setting. A sense of tranquil and clarity in the hectic lives of the modern age. 

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