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DKNY Watch Review

DKNY was born in 1984 where feminine instincts led the lifestyle brand to global success. 


Donna Karan and late husband, Stephan Weiss created a hub that balances a nurturing desire alongside an artistic interpretation of beauty. A result that presents challenges during the design process of marrying comfort with luxe and practicality with desirability; a task that Donna accepts and masters effortlessly. The lifestyle brand covers many aspects of the fashion world as she possesses the need to design all elements of an individuals ensemble with of course, watches being a key player. The entrepreneur describes it as “everything you need to pull yourself together.” 


The sleek, sophisticated designs are interchangeable between seasons and occasions with the timepieces that can accommodate different aspects of the day. A concept evolved from the fact that creative people never know where the day will take them. The pace and attitude experienced in New York City is the inspiration for DKNY’s ethos and the reason for the inclusion in the brand name. The beat of the vibrant city ticks in the heart of every watch crafted under the label. 


Hailing from a fashion background, it was a natural course for Donna to pursue a career in the industry herself. Exploring all avenues has enabled her to share her vision descending on all products, age and gender. 


The smooth, elegant and delicate lines of the watch collection brings femininity and beauty to the forefront of the watch industry. 


Explore the DKNY collection at Jura Watches.

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