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Jorg Gray Watch Review

Jorg Gray strive to lead the watch race in style and design above rivals and competitors. 


In 2009, the realisation began on a rainy afternoon in London; not your typical inspirational setting but one that sparked a mission that has remained with the brand for 6 years and will continue to inspire for their long future ahead. Style and design are the key players that ensure that Jorg Gray constantly innovate and provide the incentive to feature in publications such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, Maxim and Esquire; to name a few. 


Jorg Gray please with their ability to appeal to modern watch admirers and traditional enthusiasts alike. Each timepiece is crafted and executed with the upmost care and attention by skilled engineers and designers. A Jorg Gray masterpiece is initially cut from solid blocks of steel by designers, which is then passed to engineers who integrate flawless Swiss and Japanese movements under the finest sapphire and mineral crystal. To finish each piece exquisitely artisans fit a metal bracelet, fine leather or robust rubber strap, which can be selected upon personal preference. Jorg Gray believe that to breed luxurious masterpieces quality, cost and creativity should never be neglected or lowered as their reputation would be put at risk. With the admiration and attention of the Secret Service - who wear a chronograph for their precision and accuracy - and President Obama, Jorg Gray are certainly heading in the right direction. 


Explore the world and forward thinking of Jorg Gray at Jura Watches.

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