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Mondaine Watch Review

Mondaine watches have a unique, distinctive style that is admired across the globe. 


From an instant glance the timepieces adopt a signature style that is immediately recognisable as a Mondaine creation. The winning formula consists of a simple design for an easy to read dial with strong hands and the iconic red seconds hand that is unmistakably crafted from the team at Mondaine. The designs infuse classic ideals that are not out of place in a contemporary setting. Avoiding the need for elaborate features that distract from the main goal, the watch brand present a minimal yet striking watch face. 


Mondaine watches draws influence from the Swiss Federal Railways and their commitment for punctuality and precision over 100 years and more. The famous red second hand that sweeps the face of most timepieces designed by the classic watch brand echoes the special red paddle that the train station manager uses to indicate to passengers and train conductors that the train is ready to leave the station. The red shape is also found on the second hand of the Official Swiss Railways Clock that shows an accurate time for commuters. In 1986, Mondaine was honoured with the official licence to transform the clock face into a watch collection that proudly mirrors the pristine and punctual ethos that the Swiss Federal Railways effortlessly adopts.


The bold black indices that encircle the dial match the strong rectangular hands contrasting against the white dial as does the striking red seconds hand. Alternative, more subtle watch faces inspired by the font Helvetica font provides a discreet and sophisticated Mondaine vision. 


Embrace the Mondaine collection at Jura Watches.

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