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CT Scuderia Fibra Di Carbonio Watch Review

CT Scuderia launched the Fibra Di Carbonio chronograph at Baselworld 2015 showcasing their ability to continually innovate and share their sporting passion. 


The timepiece is engineered with carbon fibre to provide a strong, robust instrument with a lightweight feel when fastened to the wrist. CT Scuderia have purposely reduced the weight of the device's body without neglecting the strength and power of the bold timepiece. The chosen carbon fibre used to create the watch is a mix of woven and unidirectional formats, which is embedded in a resin matrix produced from toughened epoxy. To apply the resin CT Scuderia use a special machine to ensure a controlled and even application. It is their intention to produce the highest quality material in the Fibra Di Carbonio timepiece and all of the CT Scuderia collection. 


The bold and vivacious watch carries the motorcycle racing influence that is in the D.N.A of the brand. The timepiece infuses Italian style with the thrill of the race! The oversize features are enhanced by a striking colour combination of a vivid red, stark white, silver and black. The dial resembles the checkered flag of racing, which is echoed in the black leather strap. The stainless steel casing frames the 44 mm dial and mirrors that of a stop watch projecting the idea of speed and the adrenaline rush of a competitive race. The enlarged 60 and white markers are easily identified along with strong hour and minute hands with red edging. Overall, the Fibra Di Caronio boasts a strong yet lightweight feel that embraces the thrill and daring character of motor racing captured in a watch platform.


Check out the bold CT Scuderia Fibra Di Carbonio at Jura Watches.

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