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Snowboarder and Base Jumper Geraldine Fasnacht is Announced TAG Heuer Watch Ambassador

Behind a Swiss Alps backdrop TAG Heuer announce snowboarder and base jumper Geraldine Fasnacht as a fearless ambassador of the brand. 


The exciting revelation was exposed in the mountains and aptly timed to coincide with the International Alpine Film Festival at Les Diablerets. Geraldine proudly presents her film “MATTERHORN: the Bird-Woman’s Dream” which is dedicated to her incredible jump from the peak of Switzerland’s iconic mountain. A well organised and planned spectacular jump that reaches 4,478 meters in altitude!!


Geraldine’s thrill-seeking and courageous attitude to life and her profession matches TAG Heuer’s need for a those who #donotcrackunderpressure. She has been competing for 12 years where she has earned the winning place at 11 international competitions and is honoured thee-time champion of the Verbier X-treme event. 


She states: “It was snowboarding which sparked my desire to really discover the mountains. It’s like surfing an endless wave. For me, happiness is drawing lines down my favourite mountains, the wide open spaces, the freedom…”


TAG Heuer admire her passion, commitment and devotion to her sport that demands bravery and skill. To literally fly off cliffs is not for the faint hearted and calls for individuals who class adrenaline rushing activities at the core of their existence. The watch brand believe in testing yourself to the absolute limit in a precise and accurate way. Their belief is applied to all their timepieces, which class precision, reliability, boldness and innovation as top priorities. 


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