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The Grand Seiko 62GS Limited Edition Watch Review

The Grand Seiko 62GS Limited Edition honours the first Grand Seiko Automatic watch dating back to 1967. 


The exquisite invention of the Grand Seiko was realised in 1960 debuting an unrivalled measure of accuracy and precision. Their intention to design a highly precise timekeeper with a practical element led to the 62GS, which played host to an automatic winding mechanism. A highly significant point in Grand Seiko’s historical timeline in their endless quest to invent the ‘world’s most practical luxury watch.’ The importance of the moment is realised with the nostalgic recreation of the 62GS in a modern setting. 


The 1967 62GS was hailed the most accurate timepiece of the day cementing a high standard that has been maintained throughout the years and an ethos that remains intact. The timeless, effortless style of Grand Seiko identity was realised with the design of the stunning timepiece in question. The 62GS boasts a mirrored, multi_sided case and a wide dial opening, which is mastered with the bezel-free construction and their “Zaratsu” polishing invention. The public adoration was instant; a reception that has followed since due to the clean, slim and easy to read dial and comfort when secured to the wrist. The placement of the crown at 4 o’clock emphasised that hand winding was no longer needed providing a unique appearance to the Grand Seiko 62GS with watch devotees in awe of the delicately striking instrument. 


The 2015 Grand Seiko 62GS edition has remained faithful to the original design to celebrate and honour the milestone that has shaped the luxury brands journey ever since. The revival of such a momentous time looking back to key dates in history is an overwhelmingly proud gesture to the wrist adornment that strove for precision and accuracy.


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