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Seiko Watch Review

Seiko watches prides itself on it’s strong reputation for precision, reliability and excellence in advancing technology since its conception in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan. 


Kintaro HATTORI, founder of Seiko inspires: “Never look back, look forward, step forward even if only half a step at a time, knowing how to be flexible in order to accept changes, be sincere.”


With the positive mindset at the helm of the corporation and the refusal to spiral backwards is an important reason for their long-lasting success. Looking to the endless possibilities of the future with all the imagination and creativity it has to hold breeds innovation and an unrivalled technical advancement. The chosen name for the brand translates as exquisite or success - a title that the brand lives up to in all areas of watchmaking and is proud to work under such a profound label. 


The humble beginnings transport us to 1881 and a clock repair store in central Tokyo. Kintaro Hattori and his company developed their first clock, which evolved into a wristwatch 14 years later. His proud great-grandson, Shinji Hattori, continues his legacy adopting his dedication to accuracy and perfection! Over the years, Seiko Watches have proudly invented world firsts with many earning awards for their ingenuity. 


Seiko Watches are bold, fierce and strong with a tendency for oversized dials hosting a multitude of impressive features. Some absorb a futuristic feel that transports to new destinations whereas others are sleek, sophisticated and elegant. Their common trait is the need for accuracy, reliability and longevity to continue Seiko’s reputation. 


Explore the world of Seiko at Jura Watches.  

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