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Maurice Lacroix Watch Ambassador, Roy Stevenson Wears Ponto S in New Movie

Brand ambassador for Maurice Lacroix, Roy Stevenson features in action-adventure movie Big Game wearing the PONTO S


The loyal and proud ambassador plays a secret service agent alongside actor Samuel L. Jackson choosing to wear one of his favourite Maurice Lacroix watches for the duration. His decision cements their close relationship that began 5 years ago in 2010. The partnership naturally collided when Roy shared his fascination and admiration for the Pontos and Masterpiece collections. Maurice Lacroix related to his commitment to his profession and ambition to keep his acting career evolving. His powerful presence, authenticity and professionalism in relation to his talent secured the natural pairing; a relationship born on mutual admiration, passion and attention to detail. 


Roy Stevenson declares: “I always take great pleasure in wearing and looking at any Maurice Lacroix timepiece on my wrist. It’s a work of Art and engineering and with the Masterpiece Le Chronographe Squelette, I truly love the tactile nature. I have a personal connection every time I wind it up and I can marvel at the master horologists’ craftsmanship. One day, I hope to pass this watch on to my son as I know it will be a treasure for him and one he will cherish”.


The actor is aware of the precious moment of timing as do Maurice Lacroix. He takes a disliking to lateness and appreciates the running time of a movie and how important it is to the success of the film. We are sure he will never be late with the Maurice Lacroix Ponto S secured to his wrist!!


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