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Traser H3 Watch Review

Traser H3 watches are utilised by professional athletes, rescue and emergency organisations and for personal use admired for their reliability, strength, functionality and bold design worldwide. 


The diverse watch brand is owned, designed and manufactured in-house by a Swiss company recognised as mb-microtec AG. Founders Walter Merz and Albert Benteli journey began by developing luminescent material and paint for watches in 1918 by calling upon their chemical knowledge to from a business entitled merz + benteli ag. With the aid of Walter’s son-in-law and physicist Oskar Thuler a new illumination technology was born operating without batteries or charging through external light sources; a new innovative concept was realised and the company was renamed mb-microtec AG, which began delving into various industries to invent successful products. 


Traser H3 is a result of the discovery that combines chemistry and technology guaranteeing reliability, quality, sustainability, flexibility and speed in a watch platform; values that stand at the core of mb-microtec AG. The bold and powerful design aesthetic married with a reliable technical revolution appeals to those thrust into dangerous situations. Traser H3 watches are manufactured to an exceptional standard boasting an unrivalled readability in restricted lighting due to the trigalight illumination. The advanced technology is independent of a battery or solar charging appealing to the military in particular along with their robust and trustworthy nature. 


The Traser H3 collections become much more than a fashion accessory yet a reliable companion on the battle field and athletic track with their unreachable luminosity and innovative outlook. In fact, the watches are 100 times more luminous than rival instruments. Neglecting the use of an external power supply the reliable watches have a 10 year lifespan (at least) and boast scratch-proof sapphire glass and a water resistant level to 200 meters. 


View the technical advanced Traser H3 collection at Jura Watches. 

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