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The Rado Watch Hyperchrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer Watch Review

Jura Watches are proud to stock the three times award winning Rado Watch Hyperchrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer. 


The ground breaking masterpiece has successfully won the Good Design Award (USA) and the iF Award, which has now been followed by the Good Design Selection in the product design category in Australia. Each honour has been earned for the sleek instruments approach to design and technological advancements. The innovative ceramic touch technology initially launched in 2013 has embraced an additional element with the ability to read two time-zone dials. The wearer is able to adjust the time via touch alone with the aid of six sensors that are embedded in the case. Simply slide your finger across the case to set the time with right for minutes and left for hours. Another advantage of the touch technology is the ability to swap the times presented in each dial. Touch the case at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock to witness the time from the small dial move to the big dial and vice versa. 



In addition to the mind blowing touch innovation engineered by the Rado team is the unique colour of the HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer. The grey high-tech ceramic that encompasses the casing debuts as a hue that will remain as a standard colour for the timepiece; an incredibly difficult shade to be consistently matched each time yet with Rado’s expert knowledge the colour is mastered effortlessly without compromising on the benefits that the black or white high-tech ceramic possesses. 


It is for all of the above that the HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer has been graced with these prestigious awards of recognition that Rado is honoured to receive. Let’s face it, each one is well deserved!!!


Take a look for yourself at the Rado HyperChrome Ceramic Touch Dual Timer. 


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