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Fortis Terrestis 2pi Rolf Sachs Limited Edition Watch Review

Fortis has once again worked with conceptual artist Rolf Sachs to design a creative masterpiece - the Terrestis 2pi Rolf Sachs Limited Edition


Rolf Sachs is recognised for his ‘distinctive, multidisciplinary approach.’ His inspiration derives from the intimacy of human touch within mechanical objects. The free movement of inaccurate hand-drawn ink lines sketched onto the white dial (a whiteboard-like feel) provides character and honesty within a watch platform, which is usually met with the upmost accuracy, order and precision. The concept of the symbiosis of mathematical order and the natural chaos of life is explored in the Limited Edition design that is only produced in 150 pieces worldwide.  


π is proven as a mathematical constant and a symbol witnessed subconsciously in our everyday existence. Rolf Sachs addresses the idea that individuals desperately try to bring a sense of order to our lives yet as Time is too chaotic and inconstant we are destined to fail. The mathematic interpretation laid out on the dial brings an air of order and chaos simultaneously demonstrating that the notion to control Time is an ideal that everyone can strive for but can unfortunately never completely achieve. Trying to make complete sense of the mathematics displayed on the dial is impossible as your mind automatically scans the black, red, blue and green trigonometric markings. The partnership has successfully designed a unique timepiece that adopts an artistic expression yet remains fully functional. 


The white dial is completely covered in white Superluminova producing a strong glow in restricted lighting and giving another dimension to the timepiece. The 42mm case is coated in black PVD giving a strong, masculine appearance that dramatically contrasts against the dial colouring. 



Indulge in the Fortis Terrestis 2pi Rolf Sachs Limited Edition at Jura Watches.


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