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Explore Emmanuel Dietrich's Design Watch Vision

Emmanuel Dietrich reveals his unique vision behind the brand and the reasons for founding Dietrich in a short interview. 


Since a young age Emmanuel dreamt of redesigning the world that surrounds him to create his own universe. Launching Dietrich after 20 years in the watch industry allowed for him to develop objects that were designed by himself; an interpretation of his creative vision. He views timekeepers as living objects that have a small heart that is constantly ticking and is fascinated with this romantic concept that is reflected in his designs. He invites his fans to a layered and exposed artistic dial that demands attention from spectators. His passion for watchmaking and originality is evident in his design delivery that is eye catching and draws individuals to eventually carefully touch each masterpiece. Emmanuel believes that Dietrich watches should be touched and experienced to become closer to the object. 


His vision that watches are living beings excites and evokes creativity in the design process of Dietrich timekeepers. The audience are invited to witness Emmanuel sketching in his design studio in the traditional way of putting pencil to paper. He wishes for individuals to feel this personal touch within the Dietrich universe and how the unique concepts are heartfelt and are translated from the paper to life. The idea that the Dietrich is worn daily around the wearer’s wrist ensures that the special timepiece becomes an extension of the person.  


Explore three magnificent Dietrich designs at Jura Watches.

Watch the video to explore Emmanuel’s vision further. 

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