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Muhle-Glashutte M 29 Classic Einzeiger Watch Review

Muhle-Glashutte launch a new concept at Baselworld 2015 that evokes surprise and awe from spectators internationally. 


The new M 29 Classic Einzeiger design displays the movement of time via a minimalistic and simple format. As a fully fledged member of the ‘dial indicator gauge’ family, the subtle timepiece embraces the idea of traditional single-hand measuring instruments. The dial welcomes just one hand to successfully tell the time whilst expressing the historically origins of Muhle-Glashutte. 


The core of the family run brand is based around precision measurement since their humble beginnings back in 1869. Robert Muhle successfully designed measuring instruments for the Glashutter watch industry. A universal dial gauge and quick measuring instumnets 'ideal' emerged from the single-hand look, which could measure various ranges accurately in one glance. The M 29 Classic Einzeiger takes a nostalgic look back to the original instruments that revolutionised watch making in the 19th century. 


Muhle-Glashutte presents a rediscovery of a forgotten time with the single-hand model. The release is a unique opportunity to instantly read time in a completely new way ignoring the conventional two-hand timepieces that populate the industry. To avoid distraction the dial embraces design simplicity, a relaxed approach to time without the annoyance of a ticking hand. The time measuring instrument nods to precision absorbing elements from the Robert Muhle’s creations. The two-fold scale allows for the time to be identified quickly via the quarter hour intervals from the inner scale ring. The outer scale marks 10 minute intervals with the aid of longer, prominent marks and the finer indices represent the passing of two minutes. 


The visual aesthetic of the dial again refers to the traditional measuring instruments. A black needle hand and hour indices purposely stand out against the neutral surface. The injection of red supports the reader when reading time at a glance. 


The M 29 Classic Einzeiger is a celebration of the yesteryears with the intention of savouring the moment. The classic, single-hand design is crafted to truly appreciate the essence of time in those hectic moments. 


Pre-order your Muhle-Glashutte M 29 Classic Einzeiger watch here.

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